Civil Survival Co-Chair Chris Poulos recently spoke to the Epoch Times about his journey from incarceration to law school as well as finding his personal and professional passion to help justice involved individuals remove barriers to reentry.

Mr. Poulos described how a difficult period of his youth led to drug use and incarceration. During his time in prison, Mr. Poulos saw that his privilege as a white male with means meant that he could afford a private attorney, which made a huge difference in his own case but was not available to others. He decided to become an attorney to help address some of the injustices he saw. Mr. Poulos ultimately went to college and law school, where he worked on reentry and criminal justice reform issues. He has worked on legislation relating to drug possession, including access to prevention and recovery, at the state and local level as well as the national level at the Office of National Drug Control Policy and in collaboration with the Department of Justice.

Mr. Poulos now follows his dream of helping others as an attorney and through his work as Executive Director of the Statewide Reentry Council. Read the full Epoch Times Article.