On October 6, Civil Survival hosted a very successful full-day Workshop event in Kitsap County at the new Marvin Williams Recreation Center. Over 40 participants attended along with several elected officials. Workshops are designed to fulfill our mission to organize people who have been directly impacted by the criminal justice system to build connections, gain knowledge and increase political participation.

The event was facilitated by Civil Survival board members Michelle Jenkins and Cory Walster, as well as Executive Director Tarra Simmons. The Workshop provided information and training designed to teach participants about their legal rights surrounding access to housing and employment, Legal Financial Obligation (LFO) interest, driver licensing and criminal record vacation. In addition, there were facilitated group discussions about specific legal and economic barriers our participants are experiencing and how these issues can be addressed.

The second portion of the Workshop included advocacy training designed to increase participation in the legislative process. The training was quickly put into action when participants were given to opportunity to speak directly with local elected officials and candidates to tell their stories and to personalize the need for legislative solutions that can remove barriers to successful reentry. Those attending the Workshop included City of Poulsbo Mayor, Becky Erickson, who is running for 23rd Legislative District Representative, Chad Enright who is running unopposed for Kitsap County Prosecutor, Emily Randall, who is running for the 26th Legislative District Senate, Irene Bowling, who is running for the 35th Legislative District Senate and Joy Stanford, who is running to become a 26th Legislative District Representative. Civil Survival thanks all who attended and we look forward to hosting upcoming Workshops in Kent and Tacoma. Check back soon for dates and times.