Basic Needs

Food Banks & Meal Sites

Many food banks and meal sites have changed their hours or format during the pandemic. Call ahead or check their websites to ensure you can still access their services. Food […]



What is public transportation and how do I use it? Public transportation (i.e. buses, trains, etc.) is generally the most affordable way to get around. Most public transit is run […]


Education & Employment

Places to Find Jobs

Local organizations that help people find jobs and online job boards, including those specifically for people who have been incarcerated.


Government Assistance & Finances

Debt & Finances

More information about debt and re-entry can be found in the Washington Re-Entry Guide. What should I do when I am first released to manage my debt? Once you are […]


Healthcare & Safety

Mental & Behavioral Health

Numerous 24 hotlines for immediate support and organizations throughout Washington supporting people with mental and behavioral health services.



Reentry Support

Community Partnership for Transition Solutions (CPTS) 360-480-6281 CPTS is made up of agencies and individuals working together to support successful transitions for people returning to our communities after incarceration. They […]