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Educate. Motivate. Liberate.

Your donations directly support Civil Survival’s work helping those who have been convicted of a crime to find a second chance and successfully reintegrate into their communities following incarceration.

During the last three years Civil Survival has empowered formerly incarcerated individuals to lead a movement that educates justice involved individuals, legislators and community members about removing barriers to successful reentry.  Civil Survival has local community groups in five locations across the state and has built the capacity to share personal stories in a variety of settings including local Game Changer groups for formerly incarcerated individuals, judicial conferences, community meetings, legislative hearings, Supreme Court symposia and policy meetings. In addition, Civil Survival holds one-day workshops across the state to educate individuals about their legal rights and to address the many collateral consequences of a conviction.  

Your donations directly fund these activities. We greatly appreciate your support and look forward to expanding our work to reach other areas of the state and the country.

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