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You may have read or heard about issues with the country’s supply chain over the last few years.  These supply chain issues highlighted the importance of trucking and truck drivers to the economy.  People with commercial driver’s licenses are in high demand all over the country.  Even if you do not want to be a truck driver, a commercial driver’s license can allow you to pursue other careers such as a bus driver (city, school or tour), hazmat carrier or sanitation worker.

Initial Application Requirements

Who/What Agency governs or oversees the profession?

  • Department of Licensing

What are the background check requirements?

  • There is no official background check is required for a non-endorsed CDL, but drivers must submit medical documents based on the type of driving they intend to perform.
  • However, an intensive background check by TSA is required for a hazardous materials endorsement.

Are there any convictions that will automatically disqualify me?

  • There are no specific convictions that will lead to disqualification, however the following circumstances will lead to a denial:
    • An invalid driver’s license
      • Certain driving violations disqualify CDL qualification for periods of time.
    • A lifetime CDL disqualification
    • A CDL in a different state – You must surrender other state licenses.

Do Certificates of Restoration of Opportunity (CROPs) apply to the position?

  • CROPs do not have a role in initial CDL qualification because no real background check is required for a non-endorsed CDL.