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The Housing guide includes additional resources for finding and paying for short- and long-term housing.

Kitsap Emergency Shelters

Housing Solutions Center, Kitsap Community Resources

Operates referrals to all major shelters in the county. If space is not available individuals are placed on a waiting list.

Kitsap Rescue Mission

810 6th Street Bremerton, WA 98337

Clothing bank and meals offered, contact for times.

Does not conduct background checks on any guests. They are a “behavior based” shelter. Background checks are conducted on all of their volunteers before they can serve.


Case management, education, employment counseling and connection to a variety of other services available in the community offered at this time.

Safe Harbor Shelter

Low-barrier shelter operated nightly from 7am-7pm. Showers and clothing available. Contact Housing Solutions Center for referral.

Pierce Emergency Shelters

Tacoma Rescue Mission

Adam’s Street Family Shelter

425 South Tacoma Way Tacoma, WA 98402 (administrative office)
253-383-4493 ext. 1500

This shelter does not accept walk ups; call the shelter to get on the waitlist. Open for households with minors and single women. The shelter is not open to the public.

Men’s Shelter

425 South Tacoma Way Tacoma, WA 98402 (administrative office)

Adult men. There is typically a waitlist for the dorm, but if guests haven’t stayed at the shelter before (or in the last 6 months), they will always provide a mat to sleep on.

Catholic Community Services (CCS) Shelter & Homeless Services

Family Housing Network

Family Day Center 5050 S Tacoma Way 98409

Helps families and individuals move to affordable community housing as quickly as possible after they become homeless.

Nativity House Day/Night Shelter

702 S 14th St Tacoma WA 98405

Nativity House is the largest, most comprehensive facility in Pierce County serving low-income and homeless adult men and women. Services are provided 365 days per year and include hot meals, day shelter, overnight shelter, mental health and chemical dependency assessments and referrals, rapid re-housing, access to mainstream public benefits such as Medicare and SSI, and job training.

Tahoma Indian Center

1809 E 31st St Tacoma WA 98404

Has met the basic needs of low-income and homeless Urban Native Peoples for more than 20 years in a safe, warm, peaceful and drug- and alcohol-free environment. The purpose of the Center is to restore and sustain the dignity and culture of Urban Native Americans in Pierce County.

Additional Family Shelter

Bethlehem Baptist Family Shelter

Serves families, couples and single women. Call between 3:00pm and 8:00pm for screening. Pre-approved shelter guests must arrive between 7:00pm and 8:30pm. No pets – only service animals.

4818 E Portland Ave Tacoma WA 98404

Youth/Young Adult Shelters

Coffee Oasis – The Loft Night Shelter

6602 South Alaska St Tacoma WA 98408

The Serra House is a 12-bed DSHS licensed shelter for youth ages 13-17 shelter in Tacoma that provides youth a safe and encouraging place to live while they work towards sustainable housing and employment. Do not accept youth with active warrants, registered as sex offenders, recent violent history (sexual offenses/assault charges level 1,2,3), posing any safety threat. Maximum stay is 150 days with a commitment to case management.

Buckley Youth Activity Center (BYAC)

251 S River Ave PO Box 1960 Buckley WA 98321

BYAC is open to youth ages 8-18. The BYAC provides a fun, safe environment for the youth of the White River School District area. All youth participants are required to complete a membership form which includes emergency contact information and acknowledgement of our rules which is to be updated on an annual basis. This form requires both youth and parent/guardian signature.

Comprehensive Life Resources HYPE Center (Young Adult Shelter)

415 S 13th St Tacoma WA 98402

A drop in overnight shelter for young adults aged 18 to 24. This shelter typically has room available.

Domestic Violence Shelters

Korean Women’s Association – We Are Family (WAF) Home Domestic Violence Shelter

123 E 96th St Tacoma WA 98445
24-hour crisis hotline: 253-359-0470

Single women and women with minors; actively fleeing intimate partner violence. 45-day initial stay (can be extended up to 90 days on a case-by-case basis). Clients must call the 24-hour crisis hotline and complete a phone screening; screenings are only conducted when there are rooms available for the caller’s family size.

YWCA DV Shelter

405 Broadway Tacoma, WA 98402
24-hour crisis hotline: 253-383-2593

Our emergency safe shelter is made up of 23 individual apartment units for survivors of intimate partner violence and their children and pets. Can stay up to 90 days. Prioritized wait list based on need for safety.

Puyallup Tribe Community DV Advocacy Program – Shelter

1501 Alexander Ave E Fife WA 98424
24-hour crisis hotline: 253-722-4518

Assists Native American women, Native American women with children, Non-Native American women with Native American children.

Family Renewal Shelter

6832 Pacific Ave Tacoma WA 98408
24-hour crisis hotline: 253-475 9010

Places women and children leaving the emergency program into transitional housing for up to 18 months where they will receive intensive ongoing case management and a host of other services preparing them for independent living in permanent housing.

Winter Shelters

Plateau Outreach Ministries – Buckley/Enumclaw Winter Shelter

1725 Porter St Enumclaw WA 98022

A program among many churches in Enumclaw and Buckley, in partnership with Plateau Outreach Ministries, to provide emergency shelter for those in need during December, January, and February. Guests are hosted by a different church on a rotating schedule each night. Along with a place to sleep, the guests receive both dinner and breakfast in a warm, caring environment.

Puyallup Freezing Nights

414 Spring St Puyallup WA 98372

Sponsored by Puyallup Homeless Coalition. Currently 10 churches in Puyallup take a particular night of the week to host or alternate their week with another church. Another church participates by providing and coordinating the transportation. Participants go to one of two pick-up locations and then are transported to the host church for that night around 7 PM. While there they share in an evening snack, visit with the staff and other guests, play games, watch a movie, etc. Breakfast is available.

Associated Ministries Severe Weather Shelter Program

1224 S I St Tacoma WA 98405

Provides shelter to homeless people when the weather gets dangerously cold.

Tacoma Salvation Army

1501 6th Ave Tacoma WA 98405

Single adult referrals from the Puyallup Police Department and families referred through the CCS Family Day Center.

New Hope Resource Center

414 Spring St Puyallup 98372

New Hope Resource Center is a welcoming place for homeless adults, where all guests are treated with respect, and are connected with resources to help them out of homelessness. The Center is open year-round to provide refuge and support to homeless guests. Provides one lunch per day.

Skagit Emergency Shelters

Oasis Teen Shelter

125 N 5th St, Mt Vernon, WA 98273.  Entrance is at front of building.
360-419-9058 (Must call ahead. Nightly permission from a Legal Guardian required to stay overnight.)

Our YMCA Oasis Teen Shelter provides youth with a safe place to spend the night every day of the year. Other than being age 13-17, there are no strict eligibility requirements. Youth might need to stay overnight for a variety of reasons, such as family conflict, crisis, feeling unsafe at home, not having anywhere to go, or just needing a healthy break from family. No reason is not valid! We are first come first serve. All youth have access to a case manager who will work with them and their family to locate safe, stable, and permanent housing. Youth will be expected to participate in a behavioral program. If just looking for a meal, drop in between 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Skagit County Government Warming Shelters

During cold or inclement weather, Skagit County will post on its website a list of the Cold Weather and Warming Shelters available.

Friendship House

Men’s shelter: 1008 S. Third Street, Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Women and Children’s Shelter: 922 S. Third Street, Mount Vernon, WA 98273

the largest emergency housing provider in Skagit County and the only single men’s shelter.Friendship House offersa self-sufficiency program that focuses on helping residents find employment and stable housing. Residents may live in the shelter for up to 90 days while working on an individual action plan developed with House Managers. Friendship House provides residents with meals, clothing, personal care items and supportive services during their stay. Residents of our houses agree to follow house rules including being clean and sober, refraining from panhandling, following their action plans, being nonviolent and participating in household chores and donation hours.

Eligibility: Individuals with a Class A or Felony 1 conviction, Arson conviction or are a registered sex offender are not accepted. Additionally, you must have been released from an institution for one year (Women’s and Children’s Shelter).

Skagit First Step

465 Pease Road, Burlington

Skagit First Step is a 24/7 emergency temporary homeless shelter which includes individual cabins and provides 24/7 onsite management and overnight security. Residents may live in the shelter for up to 90 days while working on an individual action plan developed with House Managers. Some of the on-site services are mental health support, substance abuse support, employment services, medical visits, meal services, transportation services, and laundry.

Exceptions: While the program accepts individuals recently released from jail/prison, individuals with a Class A or Felony 1 conviction, Arson conviction or who are registered sex offenders are not accepted.

Anacortes Family Center

2702 Commercial Ave., Anacortes WA 98221
360-293-2993, ext. 108

The AFC has several housing programs in place and provides a list of community resources directed at housing needs.

Interim Housing Program

This program is a sixty-day emergency shelter program includes services, education, and program requirements designed to springboard you and your family on a path to success and self-sufficency. Services provided include housing search assistance, financial management education, intensive case management, employment readiness assistance, sobriety support, smoking cessation assistance, life skill education classes (rent readiness, parenting, budgeting, cooking, etc.), therapy for adults, children and families.

Eligibility: You must be a homeless single woman or family with children, have extremely low income (<30% area mean income), submit toa criminal background check, be currently clean and sober, agree to obtain employment or combine employment search with community volunteer activities, and be willing to fully engage in the program and adhere to program requirements. While the Center works with individuals with criminal histories, individuals with convictions including but not limited tomurder, violent assault (1st or 2nd degree), sexual assault and/or registered sex offenders are ineligible for services.

Family Transition Center


The transitional housing fills their units based upon availability in the program, barriers and progress made in the emergency shelter. It includes nine fully furnished apartments ready to house households ranging from single women to two parent households with up to four children.In addition to housing, itprovides intensive services for individuals and families that need longer-term assistance (12-24 months). Residents will be required to work and pay 30% of their income as “rent”. The vast majority of this “rent” will be held. If a client graduates successfully, AFC will repay most of what they’ve paid as rent for a down-payment on a mortgage (income and credit permitting), or as rental payments with any additional funds to be used for emergencies.

Motel Vouchers: Emergency housing may be provided via a motel voucher provided funding and motel space is available. Vouchers are issued for 1 to 2 nights at most. This is a last resort option. People with children are prioritized. Must have valid ID to rent a room.

Salvation Army Vouchers

2001 R Avenue, Ste. 100, Anacortes

May provide a motel voucher for two nights, once every six months for certain motels within Anacortes provided funding and motel space is available through the Salvation Army. Vouchers are issued Monday- Thursday between 9:30 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. and from 1:15 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Pioneer Transition House

1011 Digby Rd, Mt Vernon, WA 98274

Transitional housing for individuals with a documented mental health and substance use disorder diagnosis. Housing is approved on a month-to-month basis without a maximum length of stay. Services include connecting clients to treatment, DSHS benefits and SSI applications, employment, probation completion, maintaining sobriety, and helping to obtain and maintain permanent/stable housing upon exiting the program.

Eligibility requirements:

  • referral from community partner agency
  • homeless at time of entry
  • documented mental health and substance use disorder diagnosis
  • exiting jail, detox centers and inpatient
  • 18 yoa
  • Past history of residency in Skagit County
  • Service fee of 30% of income or 0% if unemployed
  • Agree to sobriety monitoring
  • Commitment to management plan

Family Promise of Skagit County

360-854-0743. Call to schedule an intake interview.

Family Promise has three programs addressing housing needs:

Overnight Shelter

Overnight shelter that rotates among churches, non-denominational groups, and local resources to help families with children and first-time mothers. Prior to COVID, each participating group provides evening activities and meals for 3-4 families (up to 14 persons). During COVID, we have expanded to serve 8 families.

Transitional House 2: Promise House

Offers a step up for families who have met all requirements to graduate from our shelter model. These Families are out of immediate crisis and are focused on mid-range goals such as increasing livable wages, furthering their education, or paying off debts. They have begun to meet their employment and income goals but need additional time and rental history to successfully find long-term housing in Skagit County’s tight housing market. This house offers group-style living with a focus on open communication, community support, and future-focused goals. It also offers an expanding list of sustainable living classes such as advanced New Beginnings financial literacy courses, gardening, chicken care canning, etc.

Transitional House 3

Offers a final step up for families who have met all the requirements of second-stage housing. These families are working on long-term goals of completing formalized training or education programs, are working on long-term housing goals like saving for a down payment of a house or have identified another long-term goal that requires more time for stability. Guests in this program have completed all financial courses, are self-motivated, and have taken large steps towards breaking cycles of poverty for not just themselves but their children. In this stage of the program Family Promise utilizes partnerships to secure low-income housing for families that could not otherwise pay current market rate costs for housing. Scholarships are offered to all guests at this stage who are willing to give back to the organization in some way.

In addition to shelter services, Family Promise recently started a Diversion and Prevention Program. By prevention, the program seeks to prevent the eligible family from becoming homeless by helping them prior to losing housing (i.e., pending evictions, past due rent/utilities. etc. up to a certain dollar amount). Case management services are provided for that family.The diversion program helps those who have already lost housing but have not had to come to a shelter by suggesting alternative housing arrangements and providing case management.

Eligibility: Families with children, first-time mothers. Individuals with criminal convictions involving violence or sexual crimes against children are ineligible for shelter services.

Love I.N.C. (Love in the Name of Christ) “Homes with Hope”

Location is undisclosed

Using the Loving Hope Mentoring Program, Love I.N.C. provides transitional Housing Program (Homes with Hope) provides clients with housing for 6-12 months, for very little rent. As clients begin to “get on their feet” financially, they are surrounded by volunteers from local churches who help them with mentoring and life skills.

Catholic Community Services – Martha’s Place – Opening Winter of 2023!


Will provide 70 units of Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) for households experiencing homelessness and low-income households at risk of homelessness in Skagit County. Catholic Community Services of Western Washington will provide supportive services to the residents, with a focus on long-term stability.

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