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What is work release?

Work release is a chance to complete the last six months of your sentence in “partial confinement.” This lets you leave the facility for approved activities, such as searching for a full-time job, building work skillsets, attending medical appointments, drug treatment and supervised visits with family. While on work release, you will be given a Resident Handbook that has all the rules you must follow.

Who is eligible for work release?

To qualify for work release, you must be six months from your release date and be classified as minimum security.

How do I apply for work release?

Up to a year before your release date, you can ask your classification counselor to submit a request to transfer to work release. Your request will be reviewed by the facility supervisor or local screening committee. If approved and bed space is available, you will be promoted to a minimum level of security once you are within six months of your release date.

What happens if I do not follow the rules of work release?

If you break the work release rules, you may be subject to discipline. This can include being removed from the work release program and returned to prison for the remainder of your sentence or even losing good conduct time, which could push your release date back even further. If you leave the facility without approval or are not back at the facility when you are supposed to be, you could face new felony charges. It is therefore very important that you follow all of the rules of work release as described in the Resident Handbook.

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