2023 Impact Report

Civil Survival has undergone some changes however, the focus remains the same: YOU, our community.

2022 Impact Report

Civil Survival launched into independence as its own 501(c)(3) organization and increased in capacity.

Large group of smiling people with arms around ech other in the front row. Many people are wearing red Civil Survival t-shirts

2020 Impact Report

We responded to the pandemic and grew the organization in important ways.

A group of people in Civil Survival shirts smiling on the steps to the senate chamber.

2021 Impact Report

Civil Survival continued to grow and achieve ambitious goals in the midst of a global pandemic.

Black and white photo of Jay Inslee and Tarra Simmons smiling together while posing for a different camera

2019 Impact Report

Civil Survival made great strides in our work in 2019 and set out ambitious plans for 2020.