Jobs Postings

Restorative Justice Program Manager at REACH

The Peace & Repair Project (P&R) is designed to address unmet community safety needs; implementing a two-pronged approach: 1) Collaboratively build up the community’s capacity for harm reduction by offering technical assistance and supporting an expanding circle of care for the most vulnerable individuals, and 2) build a creative, culturally-responsive restorative justice (RJ) model for repairing harm which includes individuals caught in and victimized by the web of the criminal punishment system along with members of the broader community. Improving community safety requires that harm be addressed by empowering those harmed and those responsible to rebuild and repair relationships and establish authentic restitution. It calls for designing appropriate community-led and community-grounded responses to safety needs and concerns.

Staff Attorney at Civil Survival

Civil Survival Project (CSP) is looking for a reentry legal aid attorney to assist formerly incarcerated individuals across Washington State who face legal barriers to successful reentry. The Staff Attorney will represent clients in a range of areas, including legal financial obligation (LFO) remission, relief under State v. Blake, criminal record vacation, and registration relief for people convicted of sex offenses. The Staff Attorney will also plan and manage mass assistance events, provide trainings to legal professionals and impacted communities, and create self-help materials.

Communications Specialist

Civil Survival Project (CSP) is looking for an experienced and enthusiastic Communications Specialist to manage internal and external communications, including website content, social media, media relations, and event support.