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FAQs: The Legislative Process

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How do I find my lawmakers?

Every person in Washington lives in a legislative district that is represented by two House members and one Senate member. You can find your lawmakers by using the Washington state district finder.

How do I find contact information for lawmakers?

The legislature publishes a roster of House Members and a roster of Senate Members, including emails, phone numbers, and contact information for their legislative aides.

How do I contact lawmakers who are members of committees reviewing bills I care about?

Both the House Committees list and the Senate Committees list are published online. Each of those lists includes links to the Committee webpages, which include lists of members.

In addition, each committee has staff members who work to present and analyze bills and prepare amendments. The full roster of House Committee staff and Senate Committee staff are available online.

How do I track a bill?

If you are generally interested in which bills have been introduced, you can start with reviewing the legislature’s bill reports. Before session has started, the legislature will publish a list of “prefiled” bills. Once session has started, both the House and Senate will publish lists of bills introduced that day, as well as reports of all bills introduced in session to that date.

If you are interested in what bills are “moving” in a particular committee, you can start by reviewing the agenda and meeting materials for the committee. Each committee will publish those materials online before its hearings. You can subscribe for email or text notifications of committee agenda and materials online.

If you are interested in a particular bill and you know the bill number, you can search for the bill by number. Each bill will have a page detailing the bill’s history and current status. It will include summaries of the bill prepared by legislative staffers, the amendments that have been proposed and adopted, and legislative staff analysis of the financial impact of the bill (also known as the “fiscal note”).

On each bill’s webpage, you can sign up for email notifications on the bill. The notifications will tell you if the bill is scheduled for a hearing, has been referred to the floor for a potential vote by all members.

Finally, the legislature’s website also includes a tool to search for bills by sponsor.