It is estimated that 700 people in Pierce County with Legal Financial Obligations (LFOs) which are fines and fees incurred through courts, were able to reduce or eliminate a total of thousands, if not millions of dollars.

This was the second “LFO Reconsideration Day” led by Civil Survival, and like in Kitsap County, was meaningful for all who attended. Nearly 100 volunteers including lawyers, judges, clerks, and advocates, helped people, their families, and community reach their full potential with this lift of weight on their shoulders. Below are a few of the many comments from those who had their LFOs reconsidered:

“This has truly given me a different outlook on me being more responsible and arranging to pay off my fines, something I thank the courts and your honor for very much”.

“This was amazingly easy and I can’t wait to get my life back.”

“I would simply like to say thank you, I have struggled for a long time and prayed for change. Thank you. Nothing but love for Tacoma.”

“I so appreciate this I’m feeling renewed and so grateful. Away I go onto my new path. Thank you.”

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