Coming September 29th 2021

What is National Expungement Week, and who started it?

The idea for National Expungement Week (N.E.W) was crafted in 2018 with the hopes of creating a campaign that brought much-needed attention to providing expungement relief to communities touched by the War on Drugs and the prison system. From this idea, the organization National Expungement Week or N.E.W was launched. Last year the official national expungement week was held from September 19-26. Civil Survival and other organizations participate in N.E.W by holding events around the country to advocate for expungement and help those in need of these services.

Last year Civil Survival held a five-day virtual event for National Expungement Week for people in Washington. This event focused on gaining L.F.O. relief as well as vacating felonies, misdemeanors and also talked about how ​​marijuana criminalization hurts and marginalizes people. Recordings are available here:

This year Civil Survival will hold a 2021 National Expungement Event on September 29 by the Civil Survival Project’s Reentry Legal Aid Project. This will be a one-day event that will offer legal relief for legal financial obligations (L.F.O.’s), drug possession charges, and record vacates for registered participants. This event will provide the opportunity to have your case seen before a judge in person or to have your claim processed virtually. There will also be a reentry resource fair. This event is similar to the National Expungement week event we organized in 2019 in Pierce County, where we helped 750 people to get legal financial obligation (L.F.O.) relief. People seeking relief from criminal convictions, drug conviction charges, and L.F.O.’s, people unable to afford a lawyer, those experiencing barriers due to their records, and those experiencing difficulty paying their fines should register for this event. The event will be open to people dealing with these issues in Kitsap County Superior Court and or Kitsap County District court. If you missed the August 4th registration deadline for this event, you can start hearing about our work, workshops, and future opportunities by sharing your contact information here: