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Evergreen Update 4-5-2018

Are you formerly incarcerated, have a friend or family member who is directly or indirectly impacted by the criminal justice system? Join Evergreen Game Changers, a student group coordinated by formerly incarcerated students, building community, working...

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Civil Survival Team Members to Speak at WSU’s Foley Institute

Join the Foley Institute for a panel discussion on how higher education can help people find more productive lives after serving time in prison. Featuring Omari Amili, University of Washington, Tacoma; Christopher Beasley, University of Washington, Tacoma; Gina Castillo Perez, Washington State University; Christopher Poulos, Statewide Reentry Council; Tarra Simmons, Public Defender Association; and Noel Vest, Washington State University.

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  Noel Vest, a Washington State University PhD candidate and board member with Civil Survival, is urging lawmakers to consider passing the Fair Chances in Higher Education bill (SB6582). The bill would give justice-involved individuals a fair shot at college admission...

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The Stranger Interviews Tarra Simmons

Civil Survival Executive Director, Tarra Simmons, was recently interviewed by The Stranger about House Bill 2890, which would allow some convictions to be vacated before a formerly incarcerated individual’s financial obligations are fully paid. The bill...

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Breaking the Chains 2017

Are you ready to “Break the Chains?” Newly appointed Executive Director for Civil Survival Tarra Simmons challenged all JI’s and allies to do just that as she spoke before an enthusiastic crowd at the Seattle Federal Executive Board (SFEB). Established in...

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Convening of the Board

On August 24, Civil Survival invited potential board members to an information session. Amanda DuBois reports that the meeting was a success and that “it's a great group of people and I’m thankful they came and shared their time.” Tarra Simmons shared...

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Changing the Game in Auburn

August was a very busy month for Civil Survival in Auburn, Washington! On the 19th we held our first workshop in Auburn with nearly 50 people attending, including many supporters from the Kitsap County Game Changer group. On August 30, Michelle Jenkins...

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Signs from a Solar Eclipse?

On Monday, August 21st, much of North America enjoyed seeing a solar eclipse. While many of us donned special protective glasses to glimpse the moon obscure the sun, the eclipse was not the only big news of the day… Civil Survival is proud to let you know...

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