Civil Survival Board Co-Chair Omari Amili’s second book, entitled In Search of Role Models, introduces young readers to the importance of finding positive role models in their lives.

The book follows the life of a young boy who watches others engaging in dangerous or illegal behaviors and follows their lead in making some bad choices. An older boy takes an interest when he sees that the younger boy’s path will likely lead to serious life consequences. The older boy tells the younger about his personal experiences with poor choices and their consequences to get him back on track.

The story is loosely based on Mr. Amili’s difficult childhood, where he had very few role models and parents who suffered from addiction. This eventually led him down a path to prison, which changed the course of his life. Mr. Amili learned the importance of higher education in removing barriers to success and preventing recidivism. Since his release, he has made it his mission to help others recognize their own potential and transform their lives through education. Mr. Amili ultimately earned his master’s in interdisciplinary studies and went on to develop a curriculum for a college prep workshop for formerly incarcerated people. He described his personal journey in his first book, Transforming Society’s Failure.

Both books are available for purchase on Mr. Amili will also be on hand to sign books at our upcoming fundraiser (August 11, 2018) in Tacoma.