Pierce College recently announced the selection of four exceptional former students to honor during this year’s Distinguished Alumni celebration, including Civil Survival board co-chair Omari Amili. The announcement explains that “[t]he Nominees are carefully selected based on their achievements in academics, business, community or humanitarian support, or personal triumph over adversity.” Mr. Amili, an author and pubic speaker, is one of four honorees who provide inspirational examples of the impact Pierce College can have on students and the community. Civil Survival proudly supports Mr. Amili and his work to promote higher education for all.

Mr. Amili had a difficult childhood with few role models and parents who suffered from addiction. This eventually led him down a path to prison, which changed the course of his life. Mr. Amili learned the importance of higher education in removing barriers to success and preventing recidivism. Since his release, he has made it his mission to help others recognize their own potential and transform their lives through education. Mr. Amili ultimately earned his master’s in interdisciplinary studies and went on to develop a curriculum for a college prep workshop for formerly incarcerated people. He described his journey in his book, Transforming Society’s Failure.

Pierce College will honor all of its Nominees during a celebratory dinner on Thurs., April 12 in Pierce College Puyallup’s College Center Building Multipurpose Room. The reception will begin at 5:30 p.m. Tickets are $50, available from the Pierce College website. Learn more about Mr. Amili in his own words.