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Pierce County Reentry Resource Guide


The information provided by this website, and in the linked documents is not legal advice. These documents are intended only to provide information to help guide you and provide a starting point for finding additional resources that may help you. The information on this website is not a substitute for and does not replace the advice or representation of a licensed attorney.

Civil Survival has done our best to verify that the information in these documents is accurate, but we can make no claim as to the accuracy of the information and are not responsible for what happens as a result of following the information in these documents.You should not and are not authorized to rely on this website as a source of legal advice. The use of this website does not create an attorney-client relationship between Civil Survival or the Public Defender Association and any user.


Identification: Driver’s License

*the following information is pulled from the Washington Appleseed Reentry Guide


“Six months prior to your release from a facility, you should be given an official notice that provides information regarding how the Department of Corrections can assist you in obtaining a Washington State driver’s license.”


“Once you have received this notice, and before you are released, make an appointment to talk with your counselor about obtaining a driver’s license. Your counselor should submit an electronic verification letter to the Department of Licensing (DOL) no earlier than 45 days prior to your release. It is very important to know when your counselor submits this letter. The electronic verification letter will stay on file at the DOL for 60 days from the date it was filed, meaning that it may expire as soon as 15 days after your release.


“After you are released, bring your Department of Corrections (DOC) Identification Badge to your local DOL office as soon as possible.”


DOL office locations: https://fortress.wa.gov/dol/dolprod/dsdoffices/ 

Additional info: make sure to bring proof of identity, form of payment for fee(s), social security number or proof of address. You will need to take a picture once there.


How do I find out the status of my Washington State driver’s license?

“If you know your driver’s license number, you can use the DOL’s online service to find out the status of your license”: https://fortress.wa.gov/dol/dolprod/dsdDriverStatusDisplay/


“If the portal said NO, you can get personalized instructions on how to reinstate your license by using a different online tool from the DOL”: https://fortress.wa.gov/dol/dolprod/dsdreinstatements/


How do I renew an expired license?

Typically, a license needs to be renewed every six years. 

Cost: is based on number of years since your last renewal, each year since last renewal is $9, so every six years would be a total of $54. An additional $10 fee is added if you do not renew your license within 60 days of the expiration date. You cannot renew your license if it’s been expired for more than six years and must apply for a new license.

Update/change address online: https://fortress.wa.gov/dol/olr/

Renew in person: visit local DOL office

Renew via mail: print form from www.dol.wa.gov/forms/500039.pdf and mail to local DOL office


How do I apply for a new license?

To get a new Washington State driver’s license, you must be an official resident of Washington state, be 18 years or older, and not have held a driver’s license, instruction permit, state ID card, enhanced driver’s license or ID card before. 

Cost: $89 

Cost to replace: $20

Before applying: must take and pass the knowledge test on rules of the road AND take pass a driving test, which you will need an instruction permit for (can get at a DOL office). There are testing feeds.

Study material: www.dol.wa.gov/driverslicense/guide.html

Schedule knowledge test: www.dol.wa.gov/driverslicense/testlocations.html

Schedule driving test: www.dol.wa.gov/driverslicense/testlocations.html

Pre-apply online: https://secure.dol.wa.gov/home/newDriver.aspx

Pre-apply in person: visit a local DOL office


What do I do if my license has been suspended?


“License suspensions can be civil or criminal: civil means that you have received a ticket, fine, or other type of citation, and criminal means that you have committed a crime. Most license suspensions are civil, but a few serious offenses, such as Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or repeated reckless driving, are criminal. Information about civil suspensions, go to https://www.dol.wa.gov/driverslicense/suspensions.html for help to figure out what steps to take to reinstate your license. Information about criminal suspensions is not available on the DOL relicensing tool and you will have to contact the DOL to get an abstract of your driving record.”


First find out why it has been suspended because the process to reinstate it depends on the cause, which may require you to satisfy your court requirements and fines and pay a licensing and reinstatement fee. 

If you know your driver’s license number and want to find out the cause of suspension, go here: https://fortress.wa.gov/dol/dolprod/dsdreinstatements/ 


Other useful information about suspended license: 

Got Unpaid Traffic Tickets? How To Avoid Getting Your Driver License Suspended: www.washingtonlawhelp.org/resource/got-unpaid-traffic-tickets-how-to-avoid-getti?ref=LhJ7K

Child Support and License Suspension: www.washingtonlawhelp.org/resource/what-to-do-about-a-license-suspension-notice?ref=LhJ7K


Reinstating my Washington State Driver’s License

“You should be aware that you might have to pay a number of fines and fees when you reinstate your license. For instance, there may be certain court fees you are required to pay depending on the circumstances of your license suspension or revocation.” Addition feeds by the Washington DOL also charges for license reinstatement:


Getting your license reinstated after a non-alcohol-related suspension $75
Getting your license reinstated after an alcohol-related suspension $150
Getting a probationary license after a DUI conviction or deferred prosecution $50
Applying for an Occupational/Restricted License (ORL)  $100
Applying for an Ignition Interlock Driver’s license (IIL) $100


If you need a driver’s license to get to work, school, court-ordered community service, substance abuse treatment, driving to healthcare provider, caring for a dependent, or applying for on-the-job training, you can apply for either the 

Occupation/Restricted Driver’s license (ORL)

Cost: $100

You must have a Washington driver’s license. You will not be eligible if you have convicted a vehicular homicide in the past seven years, have a DUI, vehicular assault, violation of court-ordered probation or failure to pay child support. 

Eligibility criteria: www.dol.wa.gov/driverslicense/orl.html

To apply online, fill out the Restricted Driver License Application: www.dol.wa.gov/forms/500001.pdf AND must provide on of one of the following as proof of financial responsibility: 

  • A certificate of insurance (SR-22), which you can get from an auto insurance agent;
  • A State Treasurer’s certificate of deposit of $60,000 or approved collateral of equal value; or
  • A surety bond executed by the person giving proof and a surety company authorized to do business in Washington State, or by the person giving proof and by 2 additional sureties.

If you are denied an ORL, you can request a hearing with the DOL via a hearing request form, which should be included in the denial letter. Please return request form to 

Hearings and Interviews

Department of Licensing

PO Box 9031

Olympia, WA 98507-9031




Ignition Interlock Driver’s License (IIL)

Allows you to drive after a conviction for a drug or alcohol-related offense. To apply for an IIL, first must have an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) installed on all vehicles you drive by an installer certified by the Washington State Patrol. Must maintain an IID on all vehicles you drive* and may be required to drive with an IID installed for a certain period of time depending on your conviction. Go to www.wsp.wa.gov/traveler/interlock.htm for a list of all certified devices and installers.

Cost: $100

Eligibility criteria: Must have an unexpired Washington State driver’s license or valid out of state driver’s license. Must have an arrest or conviction of DUI or Physical Control involving drugs or alcohol; reckless driving; vehicular assault involving drugs or alcohol; vehicular homicide involving drugs or alcohol; suspension must not include minor in possession or habitual traffic offender. 

If you think you may quality for financial assistance for costs associated with an IID, apply here: www.dol.wa.gov/forms/500024.pdf

To apply online, fill out the Restricted Driver License Application: www.dol.wa.gov/forms/500001.pdf AND must provide on of one of the following as proof of financial responsibility: 

  • A certificate of insurance (SR-22), which you can get from an auto insurance agent;
  • A State Treasurer’s certificate of deposit of $60,000 or approved collateral of equal value; or
  • A surety bond executed by the person giving proof and a surety company authorized to do business in Washington State, or by the person giving proof and by 2 additional sureties.


*An IID may be waived for work vehicles if you have your employer sign the Employer Declaration for Ignition Interlock Exemption form, available at www.dol.wa.gov/forms/500025.pdf. Mail a copy of this signed form to DOL before you drive those vehicles for work, and carry a copy of the declaration with you whenever you drive a work vehicle that isn’t equipped with an IID.


“If you don’t know your driver’s license number or don’t have access to the internet, you can get the same information by purchasing a copy of your driving record for $13. If you have a credit card and an email address or a printer, you can do this online at https://fortress.wa.gov/dol/dsdiadr/. Alternatively, you can fill out a Driving Record Request form (available online at www.dol.wa.gov/forms/500009.pdf), and send it to the following address”:

Driver Records

Department of Licensing

PO Box 3907

Seattle, WA 98124-3907

Include a check or money order for $13 payable to “Department of Licensing.” Your request will take roughly two weeks to process.


For financial assistance on a waiver of the administrative fee for a DUI hearing on the suspension or revocation of your driver license OR to apply for assistance with the costs of Ignition Interlock Device (IID) installation, removal, and leasing the IID, use the following form: https://www.dol.wa.gov/forms/500024.pdf

Identification: Washington State I.D.

How do I get or reinstate my Washington State I.D. card?

Go to your local DOL office (https://fortress.wa.gov/dol/dolprod/dsdoffices/) and bring the following:

  • Proof if I.D. (look here for what is acceptable proof: https://www.dol.wa.gov/driverslicense/idproof.html)
  • Form of payment to pay the $54 fee
  • If you are under 18, you must bring your social security or proof you have a valid Washington address


How do I reinstate my Washington State I.d. card?

If your ID card is expired, renewing it is easy. You can renew by visiting a DOL office or by using the online tool at https://fortress.wa.gov/dol/olr/. To renew online, you will need your ID card number, the last four digits of your Social Security number, an email address, and a credit card. The fee to renew your ID card is $54 for six years.”

Identification: Social Security Card

*the following information is pulled from the Washington Appleseed Reentry Guide

How do I get an original social security card?

To get an original card, you will need to provide the SSA with a number of documents proving your identity, age, and citizenship or immigration status. You must provide original documents or copies certified by the agency that issued them. Depending on your situation, you may need to provide additional documents as well. The SSA cannot accept photocopies or notarized copies. All documents must be current (not expired). The SSA also cannot accept a receipt showing you applied for the document you are using to prove your identity, age, or citizenship—they will need to see the original document. Note that the SSA may use one document for two purposes; for example, they may use your U.S. passport as proof of both citizenship and identity. However, you must provide at least two separate documents.”


“You will also need to fill out the Application for a Social Security card (available at www.ssa.gov/forms/ss-5.pdf) and bring or mail it, along with any required documents, to your local Social Security office.”


“If you legally change your name because of marriage, divorce, court order or any other reason, you need to tell Social Security so that you can get a corrected card.” You will also need proof of your legally changed named, for example: 

  • Marriage license;
  • Divorce decree;
  • Certificate of naturalization showing your new name; or
  • Court order approving your name change.
Identification: Birth Certificate

*the following information is pulled from the Washington Appleseed Reentry Guide


To order your birth certificate online, go to VitalChek at www.vitalchek.com/.


The National Center for Health Statistics provides contact information for every state’s vital record’s office, along with fee amounts and other information for each state. Visit www.cdc.gov/nchs/w2w/index.htm.

Food Banks

Nourish Pierce County

Info: To find a Nourish Food Bank within Pierce County. 

Phone: (253) 383-3164

Website: https://nourishpc.org/need-food/

PDF version of list of Nourish Food Banks: https://nourishpc.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Nourish-SitesFlyer-Rev-12-30-2019.pdfNourish Food Banks

Identification: U.S. Passport

*the following information is pulled from the Washington Appleseed Reentry Guide


“The process of applying for a Passport is complicated and you will need to provide a lot of supporting documentation to prove your identity and that you are a U.S. citizen. You can find more details on the application process by visiting: https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/passports/applyinperson.html. Some restrictions that may apply to you depending on your criminal history or other circumstances, which are outlined in the bullet points below”:

  • Felony convictions: If you have been convicted of a felony, you may apply for a U.S. Passport, but your application may be denied if you have been convicted of certain drug-related felonies or misdemeanors. For instance, federal law disqualifies convicted international drug traffickers from obtaining a Passport during their incarceration and subsequent parole or community supervision. Additionally, if you already have a Passport and are convicted of one of these crimes, your existing Passport may be revoked.
  • Unpaid child support: If you owe more than $2,500 in unpaid child support, you will not be eligible for a Passport. You will become eligible again when you pay down your child support debt.

Travel restrictions: The State Department may deny your application for a Passport if you are barred from leaving the United States, either by court order or a condition of your probation or parole.

Emergency Shelters


Tacoma Rescue Mission

Adam’s Street Family Shelter

Info: This shelter does not accept walk ups; call the shelter to get on the waitlist. Open for households with minors and single women. The shelter is not open to the public. 

Location: 425 South Tacoma Way Tacoma, WA 98402 (administrative office)

Shelter Open: At 5:00pm – 7:00am

Phone: (253) 383-4493 ext. 1500
Email: info@trm.org

Website: https://www.trm.org/emergency-services/

Men’s Shelter

Info: Adult men. There is typically a waitlist for the dorm, but if guests haven’t stayed at the shelter before (or in the last 6 months), they will always provide a mat to sleep on.

Location: 425 South Tacoma Way Tacoma, WA 98402 (administrative office)

Shelter Open: At 5:00pm – 7:00am

Phone: (253) 383-4493
Email: info@trm.org

Website: https://www.trm.org/emergency-services/


Catholic Community Services (CCS) Shelter & Homeless Services

Family Housing Network

Info: Helps families and individuals move to affordable community housing as quickly as possible after they become homeless.

Location: Family Day Center 5050 S Tacoma Way 98409

Open: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays 9:00 – 4:00pm; Wednesdays 12:00pm – 6:00pm

Phone: (253) 471-5340
Website: https://ccsww.org/get-help/shelter-homeless-services/family-housing-network/

Nativity House Day/Night Shelter

Info: Nativity House is the largest, most comprehensive facility in Pierce County serving low-income and homeless adult men and women. Services are provided 365 days per year and include hot meals, day shelter, overnight shelter, mental health and chemical dependency assessments and referrals, rapid re-housing, access to mainstream public benefits such as Medicare and SSI, and job training.

Location: 702 S 14th St Tacoma WA 98405

Shelter Open: Everyday 5:00pm – 7:00am

Phone: (253) 502-2780
Website: https://ccsww.org/get-help/housing/permanent-housing/nativity-house-apartments/nativity-house-day-shelter/

Tahoma Indian Center

Info: Has met the basic needs of low-income and homeless Urban Native Peoples for more than 20 years in a safe, warm, peaceful and drug- and alcohol-free environment. The purpose of the Center is to restore and sustain the dignity and culture of Urban Native Americans in Pierce County.

Location: 1809 E 31st St Tacoma WA 98404

Open: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm

Phone: (253) 593-2707
Website: https://ccsww.org/get-help/shelter-homeless-services/tahoma-indian-center/

Brochure: https://ccsww.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/TIC-Brochure-Oct-2018.pdf


Additional Family Shelter

Bethlehem Baptist Family Shelter

Info: Serves families, couples and single women. Call between 3:00pm and 8:00pm for screening.Pre-approved shelter guests must arrive between 7:00pm and 8:30pm. No pets – only service animals.

Location: 4818 E Portland Ave Tacoma WA 98404

Open: Monday – Friday 3:00pm – 7:00am

Phone: (253) 392-4148

Website: https://www.mdc-hope.org/housing


Youth/Young Adult Shelters

Coffee Oasis – Serra House 

Night Shelter

Info: The Serra House is a 6 bed DSHS licensed shelter for youth ages 13-17 shelter in Tacoma that provides youth a safe and encouraging place to live while they work towards sustainable housing and employment. Do not accept youth with active warrants, registered as sex offenders, recent violent history (sexual offenses/assault charges level 1,2,3), posing any safety threat. Maximum stay is 150 days with a commitment to case management. 

Location: 6602 South Alaska St Tacoma WA 98408

Open: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Phone: (253) 328-6127

Email: Tacoma@thecoffeeoasis.com

Website: https://thecoffeeoasis.com/serrahouse/

Day Shelter

Info: A drop-in center for youth to come off the streets, have fun, learn, and build health friendships. Can also access things like laundry and showers.

Location: 6602 South Alaska St Tacoma WA 98408

Open: Monday – Friday 2:00pm – 5:00pm; Friday Late Night 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Buckley Youth Activity Center (BYAC)

Info: BYAC is open to youth ages 8-18.  The BYAC provides a fun, safe environment for the youth of the White River School District area. All youth participants are required to complete a membership form which includes emergency contact information and acknowledgement of our rules which is to be updated on an annual basis.  This form requires both youth and parent/guardian signature.

Location: 251 S River Ave PO Box 1960 Buckley WA 98321

Open: When school is in session: Monday – Friday 2:30pm – 6:00pm; When school is out of session: Monday – Friday 11:00am – 4:00pm (with free lunch)

Phone: (360) 829-6534

Website: https://www.cityofbuckley.com/youthcenter

Comprehensive Life Resources HYPE Center (Young Adult Shelter)

Info: A drop in overnight shelter for young adults aged 18 to 24. This shelter typically has room available. 

Location: 415 S 13th St Tacoma WA 98402

Open: Monday – Friday 8:30pm – 7:00am; Saturday – Sunday 8:30pm – 7:30am

Phone: (253) 677-0102

Website: https://www.comprehensiveliferesources.org/young-adult-shelter


Domestic Violence Shelters

Korean Women’s Association – We Are Family (WAF) Home Domestic Violence Shelter

Info: Single women and women with minors; actively fleeing intimate partner violence. 45-day initial stay (can be extended up to 90 days on a case-by-case basis). Clients must call the 24-hour crisis hotline and complete a phone screening; screenings are only conducted when there are rooms available for the caller’s family size.

Location: 123 E 96th St Tacoma WA 98445

Open: 24/7

Phone: (253) 535-4202

24-hour crisis hotline: (253) 359-0470

Website: https://www.kwacares.org/get-help/social-services/domestic-violence-assistance/

YWCA DV Shelter

Info: Our emergency safe shelter is made up of 23 individual apartment units for survivors of intimate partner violence and their children and pets. Can stay up to 90 days. Prioritized wai list based on need for safety. 

Location: 405 Broadway Tacoma, WA 98402

Open: 9:00am – 4:00pm; Shelter is open 24/7

Phone: (253) 272-4181

24-hour crisis hotline: (253) 383-2593

Website: https://www.ywcapiercecounty.org/emergency-shelter

Puyallup Tribe Community DV Advocacy Program – Shelter

Info: Assists Native American women, Native American women with children, Non-Native American women with Native American children.

Location: 1501 Alexander Ave E Fife WA 98424

Phone: (253) 680-5499

24-hour crisis hotline: (253) 722-4518

Website: http://www.puyallup-tribe.com/services/p/communitydomesticviolenceprogram.html

Family Renewal Shelter

Info: Places women and children leaving the emergency program into transitional housing for up to 18 months where they will receive intensive ongoing case management and a host of other services preparing them for independent living in permanent housing.

Location: 6832 Pacific Ave Tacoma WA 98408

24-hour crisis hotline: (253) 475 9010

Website: http://www.domesticviolencehelp.org/contact.html


Winter Shelters

Plateau Outreach Ministries – Buckley/Enumclaw Winter Shelter

Info: A program among many churches in Enumclaw and Buckley, in partnership with Plateau Outreach Ministries, to provide emergency shelter for those in need during December, January, and February. Guests are hosted by a different church on a rotating  schedule each night. Along with a place to sleep, the guests receive  both dinner and breakfast in a warm, caring environment. 

Location: 1725 Porter St Enumclaw WA 98022

Open: December 1st – February 28th, Monday – Sunday 5:00pm – 8:00pm

Phone: (360) 825-8961

Website: https://www.plateauoutreach.org/winter-shelter

Puyallup Freezing Nights 

Info: Sponsored by Puyallup Homeless Coalition. Currently 10 churches in Puyallup take a particular night of the week to host or alternate their week with another church. Another church participates by providing and coordinating the transportation. Participants go to one of two pick-up locations and then are transported to the host church for that night around 7 PM. While there they share in an evening snack, visit with the staff and other guests, play games, watch a movie, etc. Breakfast is available.

Location: 414 Spring St Puyallup WA 98372

Open: November 1st – March 31st, Monday – Sunday 6:30pm – 7:30am

Phone: (253) 845-2897

Website: https://puyalluphomelesscoalition.wordpress.com/homeless-outreach-programs/freezing-nights/

Associated Ministries Severe Weather Shelter Program

Info: Provides shelter to homeless people when the weather gets dangerously cold. Location: 1224 S I St Tacoma WA 98405

Phone: (253) 383-3056

Website: https://associatedministries.org/


Tacoma Salvation Army

Info: Single adult referrals from the Puyallup Police Department and families referred through the CCS Family Day Center.

Location: 1501 6th Ave Tacoma WA 98405

Open: Monday – Friday 7:00pm – 8:00am

Phone: (253) 572-8452
Website: https://tacoma.salvationarmy.org/


New Hope Resource Center

Info: New Hope Resource Center is a welcoming place for homeless adults, where all guests are treated with respect, and are connected with resources to help them out of homelessness. The Center is open year-round to provide refuge and support to homeless guests. Provides one lunch per day

Location: 414 Spring St Puyallup 98372

Open: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 7:00am – 3:00pm; Tuesdays, Thursdays 7:00am – 12:00pm; Saturdays 7:00am – 1:00pm

Phone: (253) 845-0174

Email: nhrcwa@gmail.com

Website: https://www.tnhrc.org/


Just Threads

Info: provides justice involved individuals and community members in need with clothing for job interviews, work attire, athletic apparel, and clothing and accessories for everyday life, at no cost. Do not need to schedule an appointment

Location: 901 Tacoma Ave S Tacoma, WA 98402

Open: Monday-Friday, 8:30 – 11:30am and 12:30 – 4:30pm

Website: https://www.co.pierce.wa.us/5704/Just-Threads-Clothing-Bank


Suited for Success (call to see if they’re still open)

Info: assist low-income men and women get interview clothes

Location: 1450 E 72nd St Tacoma, WA 98404

Open: By appointment

Phone #:


Hilltop New Jerusalem Clothing Bank

Info: Only serves 98405 zip code area, Spanish speakers provided, must bring proof of address and identification

Location: 1101 South J St Tacoma WA 98405

Open: second, third, fourth and fifth Saturday of each month, 11:00am – 2:00pm

Phone #: (253) 572-6785


House of Matthew

Info: Provides a clothing bank that is open to the public by appointment only

Location: 1127 Broadway, Suite #10 Tacoma, WA 98402

Open: Monday – Friday: 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM (By Appointment Only)
Phone #: (253) 301-0508

Website: https://thehouseofmatthew.org/


St. Francis House Clothing Bank

Info: Qualifying individuals and families living along Hwy 512 corridor (Puyallup, Fife, Eatonville, Spanaway, Bonney Lake, Enumclaw) may visit the Clothing Bank once a month during their first year, and less frequently in subsequent years. Must register for card and times able to shop (please allow for 1 hour for this one time process) and provide proof of address.

Location: 322 7th St SE Puyallup WA 98372

Open: Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:30am – 2:30pm, Friday 6:30 – 8:30pm

Phone #: (253) 848-3618 

Website: http://www.puyallupfrancishouse.org/our-programs/clothing-bank


Fircrest United Methodist Church

Info: Provides free clothing for all ages to low income families or individuals

Location: 1018 Columbia Ave Fircrest WA 98466

Open: Mondays & Thursdays 12:00 – 2:00pm, 2nd Saturday 10:00am – 12:00pm (closed July – August)

Phone #: (253) 564-7862

Website: http://www.fircrestumc.org/


God’s Closet

Info: Provides free clothing and some household goods to low income residents of east Pierce County

Location: 613 23rd St NW Puyallup WA 98371

Open: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 2:00 – 4:30pm

Phone #: (253) 845-1639


Trinity Presbyterian Church 

Info: At present, Pat’s Closet provides guests with a pair of socks and some hygiene items, when available

Location: 1615 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98405

Open: Thursdays at 5:00pm; Fridays at 1:00pm

Email: clothingbank@tpctacoma.org

Website http://www.tpctacoma.org/pats-closet


Rainier View Christian Church Clothing Bank

Info: serves zip codes 98444, 98445, 98446, 98387

Location: 12305 Spanaway Loop, Tacoma, WA 98444

Open: Most days, 9:00am – 11:00am; call ahead of time

Phone #: (253) 531-0757


Wear It Out

Info: Free clothing store that offers gently used and new clothing, and shoes.

Location: 215 166th St S (entry off 165th St S), Portables 1 & 2, Spanaway, WA 98387

Open: Saturdays 10:00am – 3:00pm (closed July 1st to August 3rd)

Phone #: (253) 686-0252


The Crossing’s Clothing Bank

Info: Provides free clothing

Location: 10625 Pacific Ave S, Tacoma, WA 98444

Open: Monday – Thursday 10:00am-2:00pm, Fridays 10:00am-2:00pm & 5:00pm-9:00pm

Phone #: (253) 537-2001


Salvation Army- Puyallup Valley Corps

Info: Offers donated clothing through food bank

Location: 4009 9th St SW, Puyallup, WA 98373

Open: Mondays 1:00pm – 4:30pm, Tuesdays 9:15am – 11:15am and 1:00pm-3:00pm, Thursdays 1:00pm – 4:30pm

Phone #: (253) 841-1491  

Website: https://puyallup.salvationarmy.org/


Salvation Army – Tacoma 

Info: Offers general assistance through food bank, clothing, some prescription assistance, some travel, utilities and rental assistance by appointment

Location: 1521 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98405

Open: Wednesdays 10:00am – 2:00pm

Phone #: (253) 627-3980  

Website: https://tacoma.salvationarmy.org/tacoma_corps/


Salvation Army –  Tacoma Family Service Office

Info: Offers general assistance through food bank, clothing, some prescription assistance, some travel, utilities and rental assistance by appointment

Location: 1501 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98405

Open: Mondays through Fridays 8:00am – 3:00pm

Phone #: (253) 572-8452

Meal Sites

Info: Meal sites do more than just provide a nutritious meal. Many of them offer a variety of educational and recreational activities, services and events in addition to regularly scheduled meals. Call in advance to learn about these special programs. Each location is different. Some meal sites serve special ethnic menus on various days. Please go to the link provided below for a comprehensive list of meal sites’ location, operating hours, and prices. 

Phone: If you have any questions about this information, please call the Aging & Disability Resource Center at (253) 798-4600 or (800) 562-0332. 

Website: https://www.co.pierce.wa.us/553/Meal-Sites

Employment: Legal Questions

*the following information is pulled from the Washington Appleseed Reentry Guide


Will my conviction impact my ability to work at some jobs?


To find out whether your offense will or may disqualify you from a certain type of job, you can check the Council of State Governments Map, at”: https://niccc.csgjusticecenter.org/map/


“There are certain crimes that would disqualify you for jobs that require unsupervised access to vulnerable adults, juveniles and children (e.g. nursing homes, in-home service providers, home care agencies, assisted living facilities and adult family houses). A list of these crimes is available at”: https://www.dshs.wa.gov/ffa/disqualifying-list-crimes-and-negative-actions


What can I do to prepare for job hunting (while in custody or post-release)?


  1. Get a copy of your criminal record, either through 

Washington State Patrol (WSP)

  • Online: You can get information on convictions and on arrests that are less than one year old with dispositions pending. There is a $10-$11 fee. This option is preferred because employers can consider arrests under certain situations. Instructions on who to get these records, go here: www.dshs.wa.gov/bccu/bccucrimeslist.shtml.
  • By mail: If you request through mail, you can only get information on convictions. 
  1. You can send in a written Request for a Conviction Criminal History Record (form:  http://www.wsp.wa.gov/crime/docs/misc/240569_request_for_chri-convicted_ criminal.pdf). The cost for mail request is $17.00. It will take between one and two weeks to get the record.
  2. You can also submit a request based on full fingerprints. The cost for a fingerprint background check is $26.00. You will also have to pay your local law enforcement agency to take the fingerprints (the cost for fingerprints varies, but is between $5 and $15.) It will take between one and two weeks to get the record.

Washington Courts: you (or someone in contact with you) can conducts a free search of your history in Washington State court system here: https://kingcounty.gov/courts/clerk/access-records/records-portal.aspx

  • It is recommended to still get a copy from WSP because this search gives less information
  • For more options on how to access/obtain your criminal record, go here: https://www.aclu-wa.org/docs/getting-and-reading-criminal-history-reports-washington. Click on “download document”. The other options available include:
    • FBI (Cost $18 for application and $7-$15 for fingerprints)
    • Consumer Reporting Agency (Cost $50-$70)
    • LexisNexis or Hire Right Full File Disclosure (free if you make on request per year)
      • For more information about this service, you can call (866) 312-8075.


  1. Draft your resume that you can finalize after you are released. A resume must include the following:
  • Your contact information (name, address, phone number, email address)
  • Employment history (list your jobs by date starting with most recent; include location, dates employed, duties, skills and achievements)
    • If you were employed while incarcerated, list “State of Washington” as your employer 
  • Education (when and were you graduated/got your degree OR how long you worked toward a degree if you did not graduate/got your degree, any certificates/awards/honors/accreditations, certifications)
  • Other qualifications (e.g. languages you speak, computer knowledge, specialized skills)
  • Job Objective (explain why you are you a good fit for the specific job you are applying for)
  • References (list of three or more contacts from prior jobs who can be a good reference for you)
    • Always contact a potential reference and ask if they would be willing to be a reference for you
  • Other tips:
    • Stick to one page per 10 years of work experience
    • Only include information for the job you are looking for when listing employment history and label it as “relevant experience.” If you have other job experience, put it under “other experiences”
    • Only put your interests if they relate to the job
    • Resume should be easy to read


  1. Optional: It may be helpful to attach a letter explaining your history (click here for a sample letter)


  1. Get your ID (e.g. birth certificate, driver’s license, state ID card, social security card, military records or release/discharge from active duty form (DD-214)).


  1. Practice answering interview questions and questions about your criminal history.


Background Checks


What types of questions can an employer ask me about my criminal history?


Under the Fair Chance Act, most employers cannot ask on a job application if you have been arrested or convicted. Employers can only ask about questions about criminal matters after they determine that you qualify for the job (after you submitted your application and passed the initial screening). 


Unless employers have fewer than eight employees or for jobs listed in jobs that you may be disqualified for based on the crime committed, a potential employer cannot ask you about convictions that are 10+ years old or are not reasonably related to the duties of the applied job. 


If an employers asks about your arrests, they must ask:

  • Whether the charges still pending
  • Whether the charges have been dismissed
  • Whether the arrest led to a conviction of a crime involving conduct that would negatively affect job performance
  • Whether the arrest occurred within the last 10 years


How should I answer questions on a job application about my criminal record?


  1. Consult with an employment specialist.
  2. Understand what the employer is asking. A question about your felony convictions could be very different from a question about all crimes.
  3. Answer as honestly and accurately as possible
  4. If you check “yes” next to a question about criminal history, you can either
    1. Write down “will discuss during interview”
    2. Write down type of crime if you feel the crime is not serious or related to the job
    3. Can include a letter of explanation


When should I disclose information that is not asked about?


When deciding to give more information than the employer is asking for, consider the following: 

  • The age and type of the conviction (the older and less serious the conviction is, the less important it is to tell the employer about it)
  • If the conviction relates to the job, describe how the conviction relates to the job you are applying for 
  • Whether the employer will conduct a background check (if the employer will conduct a background check, they will find out about at least the last 7 years of convictions and arrests, so you will likely want to disclose them)


What do I say about vacated or sealed cases?


Sealed: If you were convicted as a juvenile and your court records were sealed, you do not need to disclose to the employer about the conviction. An adult conviction must be successfully vacated to be sealed.


Vacated: If you have a conviction that has been vacated, you have the right to say you were never convicted of that crime. Vacated convictions can still appear in public records and are often reported on background checks, so you should consider telling the employer about the conviction and explain it was vacated. 


Do I have the right to know if an employer is conducting a background check on me?


If the employer is using a third-party, such as a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) to perform a background check, you have the right to know under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Most employers use CRA. If an employer requests a background check from a CRA< they must get your written permissions to do so. The employer is required to notify you in writing that may use the background check report to deny you employment. 


If the employer is looking at court/public records or interviewing people that know you, you do not have the right to know.


  • What is included in an employee background check?


A CRA report will contain adult and juvenile information from all states, including federal offenses

  • What kinds of information is CRA prevented from including in background check reports?


If you are applying for a job with an annual salary below $75,000, CRAs are now allowed to report arrests more than seven years old that did not result in a conviction. In Washington state, if you are applying for a job with an annual salary of $20,000, CRAs cannot report arrests or convictions that are more than seven years old. CRAs also cannot report juvenile convictions if you are 21 years old when the background check occurs.  

  • Do I have a right to know if an employer denied me employment based on a background check?


The employer must give you information once they actually deny you the job:

  • Notice of the action taken based on the information from the background report
  • Name, address, phone number of CRA that supplied the background report
  • Statement that the CRA did not make the decision to deny you a job 
  • Notices of your right to challenge the accuracy or completeness and your right to request an additional free copy of the report within 60 days of when you were denied the job

  • What if the CRA background check report has incorrect information?


If the background check report has inaccuracies, let the employer know and that you are contacting the CRA to correct the information. If the CRA finds inaccuracies, they must change or delete it within 30 days.

If the background check was provided by the Washington State Patrol, use the Request for Modification  of Record form: https://www.wsp.wa.gov/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Request_for_Modification_of_Record.pdf 

  • What if the CRA or employer does not follow the law regarding a background check?


Contact an attorney. Or file a complaint of the violation to the Federal Trade Commission (agency that enforces the Fair Credit Reporting Act):

  • Phone: (877) 382-4357
  • Mail: Consumer Response Center Federal Trade Commission, 600 Pennsylvania Ave NE Washington DC 20580
  • Online: https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/#crnt&panel1-1 and click “Credit and Debt” then click “Credit and Loans” then click “Credit Reporting”


Hiring and Employer’s Decision


Can an employer deny me employment because of an arrest?


No. Being arrested does not prove you were committed of a crime. However, an employer can legally make an employment decision based on the conduct underlying the arrest if the conduct makes you unfit for the job.


Can an employer deny me employment based on poor credit


Yes, but only if the information about your credit is related to the job you are applying for. Because credit information must generally be provided by a third party, the employer must get your consent to look at your credit information. An employer must also provide you with a notice and opportunity to respond if the employer plans to deny you based on your credit.


What can I do if I am turned down from employment because of my criminal history?


If the employer did not follow the laws above, you may have grounds for a discrimination claim. You can: 

  • Contact an attorney
  • Contact the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission within 300 days of the violation at (800) 669-4000
  • Fill out a complaint form (https://www.hum.wa.gov/file-complaint) with the Washington State Human Rights Commission and mail it within six months of the violation to 711 South Capitol Way Suite 402 PO Box 42490 Olympia WA 98504-2490


If I lose my job, how can I get unemployment benefits?


You must meet eligibility requirements. You must have worked at least 680s hours in a year in Washington, have lost your job through no fault of your own, are actively looking for a new job. To find out how many hours of covered employment you worked, contact the Employment Security Department at (800) 318-6022. 


To file an initial application for unemployment, the same phone number above or visit the Employment Security Department’s website to apply online. You must create an account to apply: https://secure.esd.wa.gov/home/.


Your criminal record/incarceration will not affect ability to apply for unemployment benefits if you provide the following information to complete the application:

  • SSN
  • Name, birthdate, contact information
  • Highest level of education
  • Names and mailing addresses of all employers within the last 18 months
  • Dates you worked for all employers within the last 18 months
  • If you get work through a union, the name and local number of the union
  • If you were in the military within the last 18 months, your discharge information (DD-214 form)
  • If you were a federal employee within the last 18 months, your Standard Form 8 (SF8)
  • Your citizenship status or authorization information
  • The reason you became unemployed

Handbook: https://secureservercdn.net/


Bates Technical College

Info: Bates offers two-year associate of applied science degrees, certificates of competency, certificates of training, industry certifications and, in specific programs, prepares students for the achievement of state licensure


Downtown Campus

1101 S Yakima Tacoma WA 98405

Phone: (253) 680-7000

South Campus

2201 S 78th Tacoma WA 98409

Phone: (253) 680-7400

Central Campus

2320 S 19th Tacoma WA 98405

Phone: (253) 680-7603

Website: https://www.batestech.edu/offices-and-services/ 

Additionally: in partnership with CPTS (Community Partnership for Transition Services)

Info: To promote the successful reintegration of individuals into the community after incarceration

Meetup: Every first Friday of every month 10:00am – 12:00pm

Location: Bates Technical College – Central Campus Rm 102

Website: http://www.cpts.info/pierce_cpts.aspx


Pierce College

Info: Pierce College creates quality educational opportunities for a diverse community of learners to thrive in an evolving world. The college also offers advocacy and resource connections for basic needs, legal support and financial support. Pierce College is one of 16 community colleges selected as an Achieving the Dream Leader College – a national designation awarded to community colleges that have demonstrated results in improving student success and closing achievement gaps.


Fort Steilacoom

9401 Farwest Drive SW Lakewood WA 98498

Phone: (253) 964-6500


1601 39th Ave SE Puyallup WA 98374

Phone: (253) 840-8400

Joint Base Lewis-McChord

Fort Lewis Education Center

Phone: (253) 964-6567


McChord Education Center

Phone: (253) 964-6606


Graham-Kapowsin High School

22100 108th Ave E Graham WA 98338

Phone: (253) 912-2399 ext. 8788


Spanaway Lake High School 

1305 168th St E Spanaway WA 98387

Phone: (253) 912-2399 ext. 8788

Website: https://www.pierce.ctc.edu/nso


University of Washington – Tacoma Professional Development Center 

Info: Provide career-enhancing certificate programs that offer access to professional development with a wide-range of day and evening classes meeting on the UW Tacoma campus and at sites around western Washington. Also provide a broad range of high-quality self-paced and synchronous online courses.

Phone #: (253) 692-4618


Employment: Where to look for jobs


Info: The statewide unemployment center that offers self-help programs, group programs/activities, workshops, one on one consultations, training programs.

Location: 2121 S State St. Suite 300 Tacoma WA 98405

Open: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays 9:00am – 5:00pm; Tuesdays 9:00am – 6:30pm

Phone: (253) 593-7300

Website: https://seeker.worksourcewa.com/microsite/content.aspx?appid=MGSWAOFFLOC&pagetype=simple&seo=officelocator


DSHS Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)

Info: If you have a disability, you may be eligible for re-training or job placement assistance here. 

Additional Information: Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation Program provides services to American Indians with disabilities who are seeking employment. For Puyallup Tribe, contact Amy Diederich in Tacoma at (253) 983-6531 or Stacy Ricker in Puyallup at (253) 256-0166). 


Tacoma Office 

1949 S State St Tacoma WA 98405

Open: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm

Phone: (253) 983-6500

Website: https://www.dshs.wa.gov/node/30147

Puyallup Office

1402 E Main Puyallup WA 98372

Open: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm

Phone: (253) 256-0160

Website: https://www.dshs.wa.gov/node/30134


Other Job Listing Employment Sites:

Felons Get Hired: https://www.felonsgethired.com/jobs-for-felons/

Jobs That Hire Felons: http://jobsthathirefelons.org/

  • Scroll to bottom for list

Employment Security Department: https://esd.wa.gov/find-an-employer#/

Craigslist: http://seattle.craigslist.org/

Washington State Department of Labor & Industries (apprenticeship opportunities): https://www.lni.wa.gov/licensing-permits/apprenticeship/become-an-apprentice

Careeronestop: www.careeronestop.org/

Monster: www.monster.com/

Indeed: www.indeed.com/

Glassdoor: www.glassdoor.com/

Employment: Aids and Entrepreneurial Resources

**Employers Who Hire: For a comprehensive list of second chance employers, please visit the Civil Survival website*


WorkSource Pierce

Info: Offers an array of employment and training services to job seekers as well as job search toolbar.

Location: 2121 S State St. Suite 300 Tacoma WA 98405

Open: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm; Tuesday 9:00am – 6:30pm

Phone: (253) 593-7300

Website: https://seeker.worksourcewa.com/microsite/content.aspx?appid=MGSWAOFFLOC&pagetype=simple&seo=officelocator


WorkSource Affiliate – Goodwill 

Info: Provides education, job placement and career pathway services. Some services they provide include but is not limited to career readiness program, computer skills training, culinary skills training, disability services, environmental science job training, financial education, GED assistance.

Location: 714 S 27th St. Tacoma WA 98409

Open: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm

Phone: (253) 573-6577

Email: jwatts@tacomagoodwill.org

Website: https://www.goodwillwa.org/training/


WorkSource Affiliate – Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) 

Info: Provides an equal employment opportunity program and hosts workshops and events for job seekers,

Location: 100 Col. Joe Jackson Blvd Suite 1077 Joint Base Lewis-McChord WA 98438

Open: Monday – Friday 7:30am – 4:00pm

Phone: (253) 982-1285

Website: https://home.army.mil/lewis-mcchord/index.php/my-Joint-Base-Lewis-Mcchord/all-services/equal-employment-opportunity-program


City of Tacoma – Local Employment and Apprenticeship Training Program (LEAP)

Info: LEAP is a mandatory City of Tacoma program adopted to provide employment opportunities for City of Tacoma residents. It is also for Pierce County residents who are also registered apprentices, youth and/or Veterans. It requires Contractors performing qualifying public works projects or service contracts to ensure that 15 percent of the total labor hours worked on the project are performed by LEAP-qualified employees. To determine if an employee’s residence is LEAP-qualified please go to https://wspdsmap.cityoftacoma.org/website/CED/LEAP/ and enter your address in the search box above, use the ‘My Location’ button on mobile devices, or click a property on the map. Job seekers interested in construction careers, LEAP provides resources for three categories: employment opportunities, training for trade, and employment support services. For these resources, please go to their website below.

Website: https://www.cityoftacoma.org/government/city_departments/community_and_economic_development/local_employment_apprenticeship_training_program/how_can_i_get_involved_in_leap_


St. Vincent De Paul

Info: Provides on-the-job training and rehabilitation services at two retail locations (Tacoma store and Summit store).

Website: https://svdptacoma.org/about/employment/


Location: 4009 S. 56th St., Tacoma, WA 98409


   Spring/Summer: Monday – Saturday 9:00am – 6:00pm

   Fall/Winter (Nov 1 – March 1): 9:00am – 5:00pm

Phone #: (253) 474-0519


Location: 10417 Canyon Rd., Puyallup, WA 98373


   Spring/Summer: Monday – Saturday 9:00am – 6:00pm

   Fall/Winter (Nov 1 – March 1): 9:00am – 5:00pm

Phone #: (253) 604-4115


Tacoma Community House

Info: Offer free employment services for adults (18 and older) who want to improve their skill set and find a job that aligns with their financial and career goals.

Location: 1314 South L Street, Tacoma, WA 98405

Open: Monday – Thursday 8:00am – 5:00pm, Fridays 9:00am – 5:00pm

Phone: (253) 383-3951

Email: info@tacomacommunityhouse.org

Website: https://www.tacomacommunityhouse.org/employment-services/


Tacoma – Pierce County Chamber: The Voice for Business

Info: Provides a list of local employment support services (e.g. People Ready, TrueBlue, HireCall, LaborWorks).

Location: 950 Pacific Ave. Suite 300 Tacoma, Washington 98402

Phone: (253) 627-2175

Email: info@tacomachamber.org

Website: https://business.tacomachamber.org/list/category/employment-services-855


Jobs for Felons Hub – Tacoma

Info: An online research that provides local job listings, help guide, and legal representation.

Website: https://www.jobsforfelonshub.com/start-here/


Washington Career Bridge

Info: Online search engine to explore careers, job trends, and education programs

Website: http://www.careerbridge.wa.gov/


70 Million Jobs 

Info: Employment website and employment agency made for people with criminal records. Provides assistance with resume building, will send notifications of job opportunities near you, can apply for jobs directly from your account. 

Website: https://www.70millionjobs.com/page/how-it-works


Business Impact NW

Info: To provide financial and technical support to entrepreneurs in economically marginalized communities who would not otherwise have access to financial services.

Location: 1437 S Jackson Street Seattle, WA 98144

Phone: (206) 324-4330

Email: info@businessimpactnw.org

Website: https://businessimpactnw.org/about-us/contact-us/ 

  • Able to apply for free business coaching and/or a loan


Make It Tacoma

Info: Offers assistance to entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, and site selectors easily find the information they need to be successful in Tacoma.

Location: City of Tacoma Community & Economic Development Department 747  Market Street, 9th Floor Tacoma, WA 98402

Phone #: (253) 591-2012 

Email: MakeItTacoma@cityoftacoma.org.

Website: https://makeittacoma.com/business-resources/


Defy Ventures

Info: Provides entrepreneurship training, employment preparation, character development, Shark Tank-style pitch competitions, startup incubation, and executive mentorship.

Contact: https://defywa.org/contact

Website: https://defywa.org/programs


Economic Development Board (Tacoma – Pierce County) 

Info: Offers a variety of resources available within Pierce County to offer entrepreneurs help starting and expanding their businesses (e.g. loan programs, enterprise programs). Not reentry specific. 

Location: 950 Pacific Avenue, Suite 410 Tacoma, WA 98402

Open: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm

Phone #: (253) 383-4726 

Email: info@edbtacomapierce.org.

Website: https://www.edbtacomapierce.org/edb-services/start-up-assistance/ 


Tradesman International 

Info: Tradesmen International provides construction contractors and industrial companies with North America’s best, safety-minded skilled craftsmen. Tradesmen International lays the foundation by identifying, hiring and training the best people, improving working conditions and using its four Core Values (safety, honesty, customer responsiveness, and quality) to guide decisions

Location: 5113 Pacific Hwy. East Suite 1 Fife, WA 98424

Open: Monday – Friday 7:00am – 6:00pm

Phone: (253) 220-4772

Website: https://tradesmen.jobs/?utm_campaign=tradesmeninternational.com&vs=1929&utm_medium=Other&utm_source=tradesmeninternational.com-DE

Family Law: Child Support Questions

**The following is information extracted from the Washington State Appleseed Reentry Guide


What is child support?


Child support is money that a non-custodial parent (a parent that the child does not live with most of the time) pays to the custodial parent (the parent the child lives with) to help provide for the needs of the child. 


How do I know what I have to pay in child support?


What you have to pay will be set forth in a child support order from a court or the Division of Child Support (“DCS”).  In most cases, the child support order states that the child support payment should be sent to the Washington State Support Registry (“WSSR”).  WSSR then sends the payment to the custodial parent.  


How does the child support process before DCS work?


A Support Enforcement Officer (“SEO”) of DCS will gather information about the income of the parents and use it to calculate a proposed child support amount.  That calculation is sent to the parties in a “Notice and Finding of Financial Responsibility.”  If nobody objects to that notice, it becomes a legally enforceable child support order.  If you do not agree with the amount of child support that has been calculated, you must object by contacting the SEO by telephone or in writing.  A hearing will then be set before an Administrative Law Judge who will decide the final child support amount.


How is the amount of child support I owe determined?


Monthly child support amounts are based on both parties’ incomes and the number of children to be supported using the Washington State Child Support Schedule, https://www.courts.wa.gov/forms/documents/WSCSS_Schedule_2019%2001%20-%20rmv%20ctc%200919.pdf.  


What happens if I don’t pay child support?


If you don’t make your required child support payments, DCS can have your wages garnished, your driver’s license revoked and/or take your property.  DCS also can refer your case to the county prosecutor, which could result in jail time.

What should I do if I am served with legal papers concerning child support?


Do not ignore them!  It is very important that you open and read them as soon as possible.  This will give you the most time to respond to whatever you receive.  If you do not respond, a “default order” giving the other party everything it asks for may be entered.  The paperwork you receive will include your deadline to respond.  


Instructions and forms for responding to a petition to modify child support order are available at https://www.washingtonlawhelp.org/files/C9D2EA3F-0350-D9AF-ACAE-BF37E9BC9FFA/attachments/3924FC2A-9182-5D64-B67B-323EA5F3164B/3228en_respond-to-pet-for-modification-of-child-support-order.pdf.  


Instructions and forms for responding to a motion to adjust child support order are available at  https://www.washingtonlawhelp.org/files/C9D2EA3F-0350-D9AF-ACAE-BF37E9BC9FFA/attachments/39271EA0-C9D9-B3F9-B85D-10D6946D1044/3223en_respond-to-motion-to-adjust-child-support-order.pdf.


Do I have a right to free legal help for my child support case?


No, you do not have a right to a free attorney to represent you in child support hearings.  If you do not have an attorney, contact a family law facilitator at your local superior court.  While they can’t give you legal advice, they can help you fill out the required forms.  Facilitators may charge a fee, but low income individuals can request that the fee be deferred or waived.  To find a court facilitator, visit http://www.courts.wa.gov/court_dir/?fa=court_dir.facils.  


If my child support order was modified during my incarceration, what happens once I am released?


Read your support order. Sometimes when an order is modified because the noncustodial parent is in prison, the order will say that support obligations automatically go back to the old amount once you are release. Otherwise, you should expect that the custodial parent or DCS may start a modification action.  


What happens if I can’t find work after I am released?


Keep in touch with DCS. While your support obligation doesn’t go away just because you aren’t working, telling DCS that you are looking for work can help you avoid having your license suspended or your case referred to the prosecutor (and potential jail time).  


Consider applying for DCS’s Alternative Solutions Program, where a case worker will help you with finding a job, lowering your monthly payments and other matters. For more information about DCS’s Alternative Solutions Program, visit https://www.dshs.wa.gov/esa/division-child-support/alternative-solutions.

Family Law: Custody, Visitation and Parental Rights Questions

**The following is information extracted from the Washington State Appleseed Reentry Guide


What does a court consider in deciding child custody and visitation cases?


Judges make decisions based on what is in the “best interests” of the child, considering the nature and stability of the child’s relationship with each parent; whether one parent has taken or can take on more parenting responsibility; agreements regarding custody; each parent’s ability to act as a parent; the needs and development of the child; and the child’s wishes.


How can my conviction record affect my custody and visitation?


Custody and visitation arrangements that allow a child to have a relationship with both parents are preferred, as long as that is in the child’s best interest.  However, certain types of convictions, such as domestic violence, child abuse, abandonment and certain sexual offenses, are viewed as particularly relevant in evaluating your parenting ability and the child’s best interest.


What can I do to help my custody and visitation rights?


One of the most important things you can do is make sure you stay actively involved in your child’s life.  You can be involved through letters, visits, telephone calls and other forms of contact.  Keep a written log of all of your contacts so you have it as evidence.  Also, attend (in person or by phone) all legal proceedings involving your child.  


What is a parenting plan?


A parenting plan sets out the time the child will spend with each parent, which parent will make big decisions about the child and how parents will work out disagreements.  If you and the other parent are divorced, you will have a parenting plan; if you weren’t married or are still married, you might not have one but can get one if you cannot agree on terms with the other parent.  Once a judge signs the parenting plan, you must follow it or the judge may find you in contempt.


Information on filling out a parenting plan proposal is available at https://www.washingtonlawhelp.org/resource/parenting-plan-forms-online.


Where can I find my parenting plan?


You can get a copy of your parenting plan from the court that entered it.  If you do not know what court entered your parenting plan, go to http://dw.courts.wa/gov/index.cfm?fa=home.home to find your court and case number so that you can get a copy from the court.


What is a parenting plan modification?


To change a parenting plan, either parent can file a “parenting plan modification.”  For a major change (such as to who has primary custody), the filing parent must prove a substantial change in circumstances for the child or the custodial parent.  For a minor change (such as to visitation), the filing parent must prove a substantial change in circumstances for the child or either parent. 

You have 20 days to respond to a parenting plan modification.  If you do not respond, the court likely will give the other party the change it wants.  To respond, use the form available at https://www.courts.wa.gov/forms/documents/FL%20Modify%20602%20Response%20to%20Pt%20to%20Change%20Parenting%20Plan.pdf. 


Can I get or regain custody of my child when I am released?


When you are released, your parenting plan will be in place with any modifications made during your incarceration.  If it does not grant you custody or visitation, you can try to modify it.  

If you and the other parent can agree on changes, you can submit the new version to the court for approval.  If you cannot agree, you will need to file a petition for a parenting plan modification.  Things like having stable employment and housing will help your chances of getting custody after you are released.


What is a non-parent custody petition?  


A non-parent custody petition is a request by a non-parent to get custody of a child.  If either parent objects, the person must prove that both parents are unfit or that living with either parent is a detriment to the child’s growth and development.  If the court agrees that your child should live with the non-parent, it may be hard to get your child back after you are released.


What is a dependency action?


A dependency action is a case to decide if your child depends on the state for protection because he/she has been abandoned, abused or neglected or has nobody to care for him/her.  For more information on dependency actions, go to https://www.washingtonlawhelp.org/resource/child-protective-services-cps-and-dependency-actions?ref=quegB. 


Should I get an attorney to help with my child custody and visitation issues?


Yes, child custody issues are very complicated so you should try to find an attorney to help you.  


Do I have a right to a free attorney?


You only have a right to a free public defender in dependency actions and cases involving termination of parental rights.


What if I cannot afford to hire a lawyer for other types of custody and visitation cases?


If you cannot afford to hire a lawyer, try calling local bar associations to see if they have any free legal clinics.  Or you may be able to obtain low-cost legal help by calling 2-1-1 if you live in King County or 1-888-201-1014 if you live elsewhere in Washington State

Family: Resource Centers

Tacoma Resource and Opportunity Center 

Info: Offers general resources for reentry folks. Specifically, offers events to support families, (e.g.Fall –  “Back to School with FREE backpacks,” Winter – “Holiday activities and gift giving”)

Location: 1016 S. 28th St. Tacoma, WA 98409

Phone #: (253) 680-2680

Brochure: https://www.doc.wa.gov/corrections/community/justice-centers/docs/tacoma-brochure.pdf 


Strength in Families

Info: To assist reentering parents through skill and knowledge building classes, family-focused case management, supported access to community resources, and one-on-one assistance with education and employment goals 

Phone #: (360) 725-8675

Email: strengthinfamilies@doc.wa.gov

Website: https://www.doc.wa.gov/corrections/programs/strength-families.htm


DSHS Division of Child SupportPierce County

Info: provides a plethora of services for parents and families

Open: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm

Location: 1949 S State St Tacoma, WA 98405

Phone: (253) 597-3700

Email: tacoma-dcs@dshs.wa.gov

Enrollment website: https://www.dshs.wa.gov/esa/division-child-support/enroll-child-support-services


Hope Sparks

Info: Offers specific behavioral health programs (Parent education, Family Support Services, Healing Heart Counseling, Children’s Developmental Services, Relatives Raising Children, Eating Recovery) that serve children and families in Pierce County who face trauma, abuse and overwhelming life challenges


Tacoma Office 

6424 North 9th Street 

Tacoma, WA 98406 

Phone: (253) 565-4484 

Children’s Developmental Service Office 6316 South 12th St. 

Tacoma, WA 98465
Phone: (253) 565-4487

Email: info@hopesparks.org

Website: https://hopesparks.org/programs-full-width/family-support-services/


Parent Help 123

Info: A search engine to find family/parent classes, support groups, and resources in your local area





18020 B St. E. Spanaway, WA 98387

Email: cmelott@tpchd.org

Phone: (253) 683-6850

Tacoma (Eastside)

3569 E. Roosevelt Ave. Tacoma, WA 98404

Email: sbutt@tpchd.org 

Phone: (253) 798-4569

Tacoma (Hilltop)

2021 S. 19th St. Tacoma, WA 98405

Contact Multicultural Child and Family Hope Center at (253) 593-6641

Key Peninsula

17010 S Vaughn Rd, NW Vaughn, WA 98394

Email: bwilliamson@tpchd.org Phone: (253) 884-5433

Sumner/Bonney Lake

1508 Willow St., Portable 705 Sumner, WA 98390

Email: ireyes@tpchd.org 

Phone: (253) 891-6150


120 Washington Ave N Orting, WA 98360

Email: lhaugen@tpchd.org 

Phone: (360) 893-8500

White River

250 W Main, Building 200 Buckley, WA 98321

Email: lhaugen@tpchd.org

Phone: (360) 829-5883

Website: https://resources.parenthelp123.org/resource_finder


Financial Education

Sound Outreach’s Financial Empowerment Program

Info: provides services to put consumers in charge of their money utilizing Financial Counselors to teach consumers how to build wealth and use credit wisely, embedded in organizations throughout  Pierce County. Partners with a credit union to provide credit-building loan products to consumers with lower income or poor credit and those who are unbanked.


Sound Outreach – Tacoma

1106 Martin Luther King Jr. Way (map)

Tacoma, WA 98405

Phone: (253) 593-2111

Sound Outreach – Spanaway

215 165th Street South (map)

Spanaway, WA 98387

Phone: (253) 719-3609

Open: Monday -Thursday 8:30am – 5:00pm; Fridays by appointment

Email: info@soundoutreach.org

Website: https://www.soundoutreach.org/creditup/


Pierce County Asset Building Coalition (PCABC)

Info: Services provided include financial education and coaching,  free tax prep, home owner resources, employment/job training. Associated Ministries partners with the IRS and other agencies to recruit, train and schedule volunteers to complete taxes for people making under, for 2017 income, $56,000 a year or less (at no cost). 

Location: Please check out the available Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) sites (e.g. GoodWill, United Way of Pierce County, Sound Outreach, Pierce County Library System locations, etc.)

Open: by appointment 

Contact: Amy Allison

Phone: (253) 426-1516

Email: amya@associatedministries.org

Website: https://associatedministries.org/free-tax-preparation-2/ or https://www.piercecountylibrary.org/community-resources/tax.htm


Financial Beginnings Washington

Info: Provides free, unbiased financial education to youth and adults in the Pacific Northwest to help them build and protect assets while increasing opportunities available to them, such as home ownership, higher education, and secure retirement

Additional info: Last year Pierce County comprised 32% (4,373 individuals) of the total Washingtonians we educated, and this year we are on track to reach over 6,000 individuals in Pierce County.

Location: 530 Industry Drive Suite 240 Tukwila, WA 98188


Contact: Amy Zimmerman

Phone: (800) 406-1876 Ext. 204

Email: amy.zimerman@finbegwa.org

Website: https://finbegwa.org/

Financial Assistance/Government Benefits

Social Security and Supplemental Security Income Benefits

Info: An individual released from incarceration may be eligible for Social Security retirement, survivors, or disability benefits if they have worked or paid into Social Security enough years. An individual released from incarceration may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income benefits if they are 65 or older, are blind, or have a disability and have little or no income and resources.

Additional info: “What Prisoners Need to Know” 

“How We Can Help”

Location: Suite A 2608 S 47Th St Tacoma, WA 98409

Open: Monday – Friday 9:00am – 4:00pm

Phone: 1 (800) 772-1213

Website: https://www.ssa.gov/reentry/benefits.htm


DSHS Community Service Offices

Info: Offers cash assistance (in addition to other general services). Before 3pm, complete your interview for cash or food (application/eligibility review/mid-certification review)

Application: https://www.dshs.wa.gov/sites/default/files/ESA/csd/documents/14_001.pdf

Pierce North Community Services Office

1949 S State St

Tacoma, WA 98405

Open: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm

Phone: (877) 501-2233

Pierce South Community Services Office

1301 E 72nd St

Tacoma, WA 98404

Open: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm

Phone: (877) 501-2233

Lakewood Community Services Office

5712 Main St SW Suite 100

Lakewood, WA 98499

Open: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm

Phone: (877) 501-2233

Website: https://www.dshs.wa.gov/esa/community-services-offices/community-services-office 


TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)

Info: Provides temporary cash for families in need for up to 60 months. Some families participate in the WorkFirst Program. The WorkFirst Program helps participants find and keep jobs. To apply in-person, go to your local Community Service Office listed above. To apply online, please go to https://www.washingtonconnection.org/home/ 

Phone: Please call one your local Community Service Offices

Website: https://www.dshs.wa.gov/esa/community-services-offices/tanf-and-support-services

Basic Food/SNAP

Info: Helps low income people make ends meet by providing monthly benefits to buy food

Eligibility: https://app.leg.wa.gov/WAC/default.aspx?cite=388-400-0040

To apply online: https://www.washingtonconnection.org/home/

To apply in person: Go to local Community Service Office

Website: https://www.dshs.wa.gov/esa/community-services-offices/basic-food


ABD (Aged Blind Disabled)

Info: A state funded program that provides cash assistance and a referral to the Housing and Essential Needs (HEN) program to eligible low-income individuals who are age 65 or older, blind, or determined likely to meet Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability criteria based on an impairment(s) expected to last at least 12 consecutive months. Provides maximum monthly cash grant of $197 for a single individual or $248 for a married couple.

To apply online: https://www.washingtonconnection.org/home/

To apply in person: Go to your local Community Service Offices



Diversion Cash Assistance

Info: Provides alternative assistance for families who have a short term need and do not wish to receive Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) assistance. To apply in-person, go to your local Community Service Office listed above. To apply online, please go to https://www.washingtonconnection.org/home/ 

Additional info

  • You are eligible for only one thirty-day period per year.
  • The maximum benefit is $1,250.
  • You must repay a prorated portion of the grant if you go on TANF before one year
  • You will not use any of your sixty-month lifetime limit for TANF benefits

Phone: Please call one of your local Community Service Offices

Website: https://www.dshs.wa.gov/esa/diversion-cash-assistance-dca


CEAP (Consolidated Emergency Assistance Program)

Info: A cash program available to families or pregnant women who face an emergency and do not have the money to meet their basic needs for up to 30 consecutive days, once a year. This includes families whose Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) cash assistance has been terminated for Non-Compliance Sanction (NCS) and those who have already received 60 months of TANF and do not qualify for a Time Limit Extension.

To apply online: https://www.dshs.wa.gov/node/1918


Unemployment Insurance

Info: Unemployment benefits are cash benefits you can receive while you are looking for a job. They are made available through taxes paid by your former employer while you were working. You cannot apply for unemployment benefits in Washington if you did not work in this state in the past 18 months. They are not based on financial need. 

To apply online: https:// secure.esd.wa.gov/home/

To apply via phone: (800) 318-6022

More info: Phone applications are accepted Tuesday through Friday, 8:00am – 4:00pm

Rent/Utility Assistance

Rental Assistance Search Engine by City or Zip Code: https://www.rentassistance.us/st/washington


Metropolitan Development Council 

Emergency Minor Home Repair

Info: Assists disabled and elderly homeowners with repairs of a minor, yet high priority nature. Examples of repairs can be items such as plumbing problems, leaking faucets, minor roof repairs, adding a handrail to a tub enclosure, and more. When funding is available, up to $500 can be provided

Phone: (253) 591-7020

Weatherization Assistance Program 

Info: Provides free access to services that will improve energy conservation, including furnace repairs and insulation for low-income residents of Pierce County/Tacoma. Other improvements can be attic insulation & venting, weather-stripping & caulking, as well as water, heater & water pipe insulation.

Phone: (253) 593-2336

The Energy Assistance Program

Info: Provides a one-time per program-year grant to assist eligible low-income households with paying heating costs. To apply you must live within the city of Tacoma and meet the income guidelines. Payment is made directly to the heating vendor and the amount paid will be based on your last 12 months’ heating costs.

Phone: (253) 798-4328 (automated line to schedule an appointment)

Rental Assistance

Info: Qualifying residents are eligible for assistance once per year, up to $1,000. May be available on a limited basis. 

Phone: (253) 798-8700


LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program)

Info: Provides Assistance to qualifying, low-income households meet their immediate home energy needs. This assistance does not require a delinquent balance or shut-off notice.

Phone: (253) 572-5557 for Tacoma residents or (855) 798-4328 for Pierce non-Tacoma residents

Website: https://www.mytpu.org/payment-billing/payment-information/payment-assistance/#pattern_1


Salvation Army Tacoma Corps

Info: Eligible individuals can access Rental Assistance, Life Saving Prescriptions, Free Food, Emergency Housing, Utility Assistance, and Senior and Youth Programs

Location: 1110 S. Puget Sound Ave. Tacoma, 98405

Phone: (253) 572-8452

Phone for Pierce location: (253) 841-1491

Email: Donald.Sheppard@usw.salvationarmy.org

Website: http://tacoma.salvationarmy.org/


Children’s Home Society

Info: Gig Harbor and Key Peninsula residents can apply for emergency assistance with rent and/or utility bills. On average $50 is paid out. 

Open: Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm 

Phone: (253) 884-5433

Location: 17010 S Vaughn Rd, Vaughn, Washington, 98394. 


All Saints Community Services

Info: Offers rent and utility assistance when funds are available to Puyallup residents within zip codes 98371-98374. For rental, residents must have a 3 day vacate or eviction notice. For utilities, resident must have a disconnection notice. Only allowed to receive once a year.

Location: 204 6th Ave SW Puyallup, WA 98371

Phone: (253) 848 – 2000

Website: https://www.allsaintsparish.com/outreach/financial-assistance


DSHS Community Resource Offices

Info: ETANF/WorkFirst clients may apply for apply for emergency funding for paying eviction notice, utility bills including electric, gas, heating fuel, water/sewer or telephone. Homeless can apply for security deposit move-in assistance

Contact: Please refer to DSHS CSO locations listed under the “Financial Assistance/Government Benefits” page


Families Unlimited Network

Info: Limited to residents in the 98466 & 98467 zip-codes. Limited space and availability. Can provide utility and rental assistance. For rental assistance, must have a 3 day vacate notice. May be able to provide up to $300 of your home rental costs each year. Please bring your government issued ID, current Tacoma Public Utilities bill, a current copy of your lease, and all other financial documentation you think will help define your current financial picture. To schedule appointment, call number below.

Location: 2610 Sunset Drive West University Place, WA, 98466
Open: Monday – Friday 10:00am – 3:00pm

Phone: (253) 460 – 3134

Website: https://www.familiesunlimitednetwork.org/homeless-prevention or https://www.familiesunlimitednetwork.org/energy-assistance


Helping Hand House 

Info: Provides aid for families with children. Need to provide a disconnection notice.

Location: 4321 2nd St SW Puyallup, WA 98373

Phone: (253) 848 – 6096

Email: info@helpinghandhouse.org

Website: http://helpinghandhouse.org/contact


LASA (Living Access Support Alliance)

Info: Provides assistance with water and other utilities, and rental assistance to households with a 14-day pay or vacate notice (when available). Serves Lakewood Residents and Zip Codes 98498, 98496, 98499, 98439, 98303, 98327, 98388

Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:00am – 12:00pm

Location: 8956 Gravelly Lake Dr. SW Lakewood, WA 98499

Phone: (253) 581-8689

Website: http://www.lasawa.org/programs-services/


Saint Francis Cabrini Church 

Info: Provides help with paying rent, utilities, or housing expenses (no more than $100) for low income. Must have a disconnect or vacate notice. Serves zip codes 98499, 98439 and a small part of 98498. 

Location: 5505 108th St SW, Lakewood, WA, 98499

Phone: (253) 655-7837

Open: Phone line is open Mondays 9:00am – 12:00pm

Website: http://www.cabrini.us/ministries/organizations/pastoral-ministries/assistance-from-the-st-frances-cabrini-conference


Some of the regional programs that may be able to assist with energy bills, mortgages, rent, prescriptions, and more include:

  • Black Diamond Community Center – (360) 886 – 1011
  • Eatonville Family Agency – (360) 832 – 6805
  • Gig Harbor/Peninsula FISH – (253) 851 – 8800
  • Federal Way Community Caregiving Network – Serves northeast Tacoma. (253) 661 – 0505
  • Plateau Outreach Ministries – (360) 802 – 2220.

Saint Martin of Tours – Covers Fife Washington. (253) 970 – 9037

Housing: Questions To Consider

**The following information is extracted from the Washington Appleseed Reentry Guide


Your criminal record may create some barriers to your housing. Individuals who use illegal drugs or abuse alcohol are ineligible for federally assisted housing, as are people who were evicted from federally assisted housing for drug crimes in the past three years.


Private landlords may also have restrictions on who they accept, though their ability to discriminate is limited by the Fair Housing Act. Read on for more specific information about the Fair Housing Act and the types of rules landlords can make.


What documents or materials do I need to apply for permanent housing?


“The specific materials you need to apply for housing are determined by the landlord where you are applying and will vary from application to application. However, here is a list of things that the landlord may ask you about”: 

  • “Personal information, including your state driver license or ID card your Social Security number. Information about getting your identification documents can be found in the Identification chapter of this Guide.
  • Rental history, including whether you have ever been evicted in the past. They may wish to run a tenant background check.
  • Credit history. They may also run a credit check.
  • Criminal history (but remember that they cannot ban you simply for having gone to prison). They want to be sure that you will be a safe and responsible tenant.
  • Employment and income. They may ask for your paystubs or bank statements to prove that you can afford the rent. Generally, housing is considered affordable if it is 30% or less of your income. For example, if you make $1,200 a month, renting housing for $360 a month would be considered affordable.
  • Your housing voucher or other documentation related to public housing. You might have a housing voucher, or you might have a letter from the Housing Authority or another agency that says the agency will help pay if you can find suitable housing.”


“There may also be a fee associated with the credit and/or rental background check, and if you get the apartment, you will probably have to pay a deposit. Bear in mind that in most cases, every adult who will be living in the residence will be required to fill out the application.”


How do I access my eviction record?


“You can contact the county clerk’s office for a copy of your eviction record. While the record itself should be free, the clerk may charge you a small fee if they need to fax or mail the paperwork to you, usually $5. Copies of eviction records are also available online for purchase from various clearinghouse companies with prices varying depending upon the source. In general, evictions will stay on your record for seven years.”


Clerk of the Superior Court

Location: County-City Building 930 Tacoma Ave S Room 110 Tacoma WA 98402

Open: Monday – Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm

Phone: (253) 798-7455

Website: https://www.co.pierce.wa.us/95/Clerk-of-the-Superior-Court


What is a potential landlord allowed to ask me about my criminal history?


“Due to a new law passed in 2017, landlords in Seattle may not require that you talk about your criminal history, may not ask about your criminal history and may not reject your application for housing because of your adult criminal history unless the landlord thinks there is reason to believe that you will be a danger to other tenants or to the property. A landlord cannot do any of these things at all, for any reason, based on of your juvenile criminal history.”


“When deciding whether to disclose something not asked about on the rental application, you should consider”:

  • “The age and type of the conviction (the older and less serious the conviction is, the less important it is to tell the landlord about it)”
  • “Whether the landlord will conduct a background check (if the landlord will conduct a background check, they will find out about at least the last 7 years of convictions and arrests, so you should disclose them).”


Is it helpful to submit documentation to show I am rehabilitated since the conviction?


“You can submit documents that you think will help explain your criminal record. Character references from employers, prior landlords, or other people who know you well can be very helpful if the landlord will accept them. Landlords are not required to accept such documents, but generally will do so.”


Do sealed or vacated cases affect my housing application(s)?


“If you have a conviction that has been vacated, you have the right to say that you were never convicted of that crime. The Washington State Patrol will not report convictions that have been vacated. But since vacated convictions can still show up in public records, they are often reported on background checks. If the landlord is likely to run a background check on you, you should consider telling the landlord about the conviction on your application and explaining that it was vacated.”


“Unfortunately, sealed and vacated records sometimes appear in background checks, even though they are not supposed to. If you are denied housing because of an incorrect background check, you may be able to challenge it.”


Be aware your housing application can be rejected for reasons outside your criminal history:


“A landlord is generally free to set whatever eligibility conditions it wants, so long as those reasons are not discriminatory (see Section 10 for more information on housing discrimination). A landlord may turn you down for poor credit history, having too little income, bad references from prior landlords, or a prior eviction lawsuit. A landlord may also choose not to allow pets or smoking inside the building.”


“Past drug addiction is considered a disability under fair housing laws, so a landlord cannot turn your rental application for this reason alone. Note, however, that you may be evicted for illegal drug activity in a property that you are renting.” 


Do I have a right to know if a landlord is doing a background check on me?:


“If the landlord is doing its own investigation, such as looking at court records or interviewing people that know you, then you do not have a right to know about it. But if a landlord uses a third-party, such as a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA), to perform a background check on you, then you have the right to know about it under a law called the Fair Credit Reporting Act.”


“Before a landlord looks up any information about you, it must inform you in writing:

  • “What types of information it will access about you”
  • “What criteria may result in you being rejected”
  • “If the landlord is planning to use a CRA, the name of the CRA, and that you are entitled to a free copy of the CRA report.”


“If a potential landlord runs a background check on you using a CRA, you are entitled to a free copy of the report.”


If my background report has information that is inaccurate, what should I do?


“You should tell the landlord what information is wrong, and let the landlord know that you are contacting the CRA to correct the information. To contact the CRA, use the information provided by the landlord. You should explain what part of the report is wrong, highlighting or otherwise marking that part of the report on a copy. You should also give the CRA the correct information, with document backup if possible. Once you have requested that a CRA correct information from your background report, then, within 30 days, it must perform an investigation.”


“CRAs cannot report information about arrests or convictions that are more than 7 years old. CRAs also cannot report juvenile convictions if you are 21 years old at the time of the background check.”


“If the situation is not resolved after talking to the landlord and the CRA, you should contact CLEAR at 1-888-201-1014 to seek legal advice.”


“If the background report was provided by the Washington State Patrol, you should provide similar information to that agency, using its Request for Modification of Record form, available at: www.wsp.wa.gov/crime/docs/misc/modification_record_request.pdf.”


You are entitled to know if a potential landlord denies your housing application: If a landlord denies your application, it is required to inform you in writing and provide the reason that it has rejected you.


I believe a landlord is discriminating against me, what do I do?


“If you believe that a landlord has denied your application solely because you have a previous criminal conviction you may file a complaint with the Federal Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) as a violation of the Fair Housing Act.38 Fair housing complaints can be filed with HUD by telephone (1-800-669-9777), mail, or via the Internet.”

Housing: Search Engines


Transitional Housing



Washington Information Network 211, Transitional Housing/Shelter





Permanent Housing



HUD Affordable Apartment Search


Apartment Finder


Affordable Housing Online


Housing: Navigation/Support Programs

Public Housing Authority (PHA) Pierce County

Info: Public Housing Authorities operate federal housing programs such as the housing choice (section 8) voucher and the public housing programs. Also offers Ready to Rent classes that teach tenants how to be good renters, what their rights are, and how to remove or work around barriers like evictions or criminal history. 

Location: 1525 108th St S Tacoma, WA 98444

Phone: (253) 620-5400

Email: eottey@pchawa.org

Website: http://www.pchawa.org or https://resources.hud.gov/#


PHA City of Tacoma

Info: For residents living in the city limits of Tacoma

Location: 902 S L St Tacoma WA 98405 

Phone: (253) 207-4400

Email: mmirra@tacomahousing.org


Coordinated Entry (CE)

Info: Coordinated Entry is the first step in ending homelessness. Coordinated Entry is available on demand in three different ways:

  • Starting December 18, 2019 – the Coordinated Entry phone line will be replaced with 2-1-1 for live support or to schedule an appointment, which will be available to call Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays 11:00am – 3:00pm
  • Speak to a Mobile Outreach team: Since these teams generally only work with people who are living outdoors, the screening function in this instance involves confirming that the individual is living outside (e.g. encampments), or accessing services (e.g. Healthcare for the Homeless, Family Support Centers)
  • Drop-in to the following facilities for a same-day conversation:
  • Website (for estimated wait times): https://www.pchomeless.org/Facilities/Openings

CE Locations

Associated Ministries Main Office 

Location: 901 S 13th St Tacoma WA 98405

Open: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays 11:00am – 3:00pm

Phone: (253) 383-3056

Website: https://associatedministries.org/16262-2/

CCS Family Day Center

Location: 5050 S Tacoma Way Tacoma WA 98409

Open: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays 9:00am – 1:00pm

Wednesdays 12:00pm – 4:00pm

Phone: (253) 471-5340

Website: https://ccsww.org/get-help/shelter-homeless-services/family-housing-network/

Comprehensive Life Resources

Location: 1305 Tacoma Ave Suite #305 Tacoma WA 98402

Open: Mondays 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Wednesdays 10:00am – 12:00pm 

Fridays 12:00pm – 2:00pm

Phone: (253) 396-5065

Website: https://www.comprehensiveliferesources.org/new-page

Supportive housing (must be Medicaid eligible): https://www.comprehensiveliferesources.org/supportive-housing

HYPE Center (for young adults aged 18 to 24)

Location: 2342 Tacoma Ave S Tacoma WA 98402

Open: Monday – Friday 7:30am – 11:30am, 1:00pm – 8:30pm

Saturday – Sunday 1:00pm – 8:30pm

Phone: (253) 677-0102

Website: https://www.comprehensiveliferesources.org/young-adult-shelter

Nativity House Shelter

Location: 702 S 14th St Tacoma WA 98405

Open: Monday – Friday 6:30am – 4:45pm

Phone: (253) 502-2780

Website: https://ccsww.org/get-help/housing/permanent-housing/nativity-house-apartments/nativity-house-day-shelter/

Tacoma Rescue Mission Men’s Shelter

Location: 425 S Tacoma Way Tacoma WA 98402

Open: Monday – Friday 10:00am – 4:00pm

Phone: (253) 383-4493

Website: https://www.trm.org/

Veteran Housing Option Group

Location: 1323 S Yakima Tacoma WA 98405

Open: Monday 1:0ppm – 2:30pm

Phone: n/a

Website: https://www.pchomeless.org/Facilities/Details?id=7


Catholic Community Services (CCS)

Info: owns a large number of housing units including shelters and transitional and permanent housing for low-income individuals in Western Washington. CCS’s Pierce County location is at the Tahoma Family Center, housed in the renovated St. Leo High School Building in the heart of Tacoma’s Hilltop Neighborhood. 

Location: 1323 South Yakima Ave Tacoma, WA 98405

Open: hours depend on which program you are interested in, please go to their website for more information

Phone: (253) 383-3697

Website: https://ccsww.org/get-help/pierce-county/

CCS Housing

Family housing Network

Info: Is a drop-in spot for Coordinated Reentry;  helps with Rapid-Rehousing; Permanent supportive housing; supportive housing services for Veteran families (SSVF)

Location: 5050 S Tacoma Way Tacoma WA 98409

Open: Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm

Phone: For Coordinated Reentry, Rapid-Rehousing, Permanent Supportive Housing, call: (253) 682-3401

For SSVF (253) 471-5340

Website: https://ccsww.org/get-help/shelter-homeless-services/family-housing-network/

Guadalupe Vista

Info: A 50 unit housing program that provides affordable housing to families and individuals in the Hilltop neighborhood of Tacoma. There are 1 bedroom apartments and 2-3 bedrooms apartments. 2-3 bedroom apartments placements are completed through Access Point 4 Housing.

Location: 1305 S G St Tacoma WA 98405

Phone: (253) 272-1171

For 2-3 bedroom apartment availability, please contact Access Point 4 Housing: (253) 682-3401 Ext. 1

Website: https://ccsww.org/get-help/housing/permanent-housing/guadalupe-vista/

Nativity House Apartments

Info: Provides 50 units of permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless single adults with disabilities.

Location: 1411 Yakima Ave Tacoma WA 98405

Open: Everyday 8:00am – Midnight

Phone: (253) 502-2770

Website: https://ccsww.org/get-help/housing/permanent-housing/nativity-house-apartments/


New Connections

Info: New Connections provides two safe, supportive, clean and sober shelters for women recently released from correctional facilities. Women are provided with housing, emergency services, intensive case management, advocacy, and re-entry support for up to three months.

  • Irma’s Place: supportive recovery shelter for women experiencing homelessness who have recently been released from correctional facilities in Washington State. The program includes housing, intensive resource coaching, advocacy, and reentry support.
  • Annie’s Cottage: a family shelter adjacent to Irma’s Place, the cottage provides the services described above for women experiencing homelessness and their children. The cottage is reserved for justice-involved women with custody of minor children.

Location: 613 South 15th Street Tacoma, Washington 98405

Phone: (253) 617-1405

Website: https://nctacoma.org/ourhouses/

Shelter Application: https://irmagary.files.wordpress.com/2020/02/nc_shelterapplication.pdf


Pioneer Human Services (PHS)

Info: Pioneer Human Services is a permanent housing unit, which serves low-income individuals, couples, and families. Formerly incarcerated people are welcome to apply for residency. There is a requirement of 30% of your income or zero with no income. For additional service information, such as counseling/treatment, please go to their website provided below. PHS does not accept reusable tenant screening reports.

Website: https://pioneerhumanservices.org/housing/list?tid=5#0

PHS Apartment Options

Info: Eligibility: Individuals committed to a recovery lifestyle with no sex offenses, no history of arson or manufacturing of methamphetamines may apply. To apply for Tacoma housing, interested applicants must attend an orientation that is held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 11am in the Rialto Apartments meeting room at the Tacoma address listed above. Applications can be filled out at the orientation. If you are unable to attend orientation, please fill out the application with the link below. Please call for pricing. Cleaning fee: $75. Deposit required.

Application: https://pioneerhumanservices.org/sites/default/files/phs-rental-application-packet-june-2016.pdf (please submit by mail or fax). 

Contact: Program Manager at Regional Housing Office Rialto Apartments 313 S 9th St Tacoma WA 98402

Phone: (253) 272-5486

Fax: (253) 383-2097

Exley Apartments 


  • Families welcome
  • 12 unfurnished 1 bedroom apartments with private kitchen and bathroom
  • On-site laundry facility
  • Walking distance to shopping
  • On bus line

Note: Residents must provide own linens (bedding, sheets, towels, etc.)

Lobdell Apartments


  • Families welcome
  • 48 apartments (8 studios, 26 one-bedroom, 13 two-bedroom, 1 three-bedroom,)
  • Washer and dryer in most units; central laundry room
  • Fenced community with secure automated car and pedestrian gates at front entry
  • On-site parking
  • Children’s playground and basketball court
  • Close proximity to commuter bus routes, schools, shopping

Rialto Apartments


  • Families welcome
  • 52 apartments (29 standard studios, 5 studios with alcoves, 5 efficiency studios with kitchenettes, 12 one-bedroom, 1 two bedroom)
  • All units have private kitchen and bathroom
  • On-site laundry facility
  • Walking distance to shopping
  • On bus line

St. Helens Apartments


  • Families welcome
  • 14 unfurnished apartments ( 10 studios, 2 one-bedroom, 1 two-bedroom)
  • All units have private kitchen and bathroom
  • On-site laundry facility
  • Walking distance to shopping
  • On bus line

Note: Residents must provide their own linens (bedding, sheets, towels, etc.)


Homeownership Center Northwest

Info: We provide support to our clients in navigating the complicated world of purchasing their first home. HCNW is in the unique position of providing a bridge that advocates on clients’ behalf, satisfying current mortgage lending practices while demonstrating responsible leverage of government and private funding. For eligibility information, please go to website below.

Location: 1424 S J St Tacoma WA 98405

Open: Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm 

Phone: (253) 637-6560
Website: https://hcthomes.org/eligibility/


Tacoma/Pierce County Affordable Housing Consortium (informational only)

Info: Provides community education and advocacy to represent its members in expanding opportunities for nonprofit corporations and others to finance, produce, and manage housing for low-income people. Hosts informational events such as “Landlord Tenant Mediation: how to settle a dispute with a landlord.”

Location: 621 Tacoma Ave S Unit #313 Tacoma WA 98402

Phone: (253) 627-0949
Website: https://www.affordablehousingconsortium.org/

Housing: Permanent

For a comprehensive list of permanent housing options, please click on the following link:  


Housing: Transitional

New Connections – Irma’s Place

Info: Provides a supportive, clean and sober shelter for women recently released from correctional facilities in Washington state for up to six months. 

Location: 613 S 15th St Tacoma WA 98405

Phone: (253) 617-1405

Email: info@nctacoma.org

Website: https://nctacoma.org/ourhouses/

Application: https://irmagary.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/9_27_16_nc_shelterapplication.pdf


Shared Housing in Tacoma (4 DOC Certified Houses)

Info: The program matches home seekers in need of affordable housing with home providers who are willing to provide a private bedroom in their homes in exchange for rent and/or assistance. Primarily focus on serving the elderly, disabled and those with very low income. Case managers interview and screen all applicants for compatibility of lifestyles and personalities, and the reciprocal needs of home providers and seekers. In addition, references are contacted and criminal background checks are performed. When we cannot match applicants we attempt to meet housing needs in one of our other programs or through a combination of resources and referrals. 

Location: 901 S 11th St Tacoma WA 98405

Open: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm

Phone: (253) 272-1532

Website: http://www.sharedhousingservices.org/#programs/

Application: https://form.jotform.com/61367546862162


The House of Matthew Transitional Services

Info: They offer in-house services for confidential and structured living while seeking full recovery from a prison/jail facility. They accept those needing community supervision upon release from prison, they work closely with probation officers and homeless shelters. They also accept referrals into their program. In order to be considered each applicant must be in good standing with probation offers, and complete an intake interview. Residents must be 18 or older, recently released from incarceration, and/or at-risk of being homeless .

Location: 1127 Broadway Suite #10 Tacoma WA 98402

Open: Monday – Friday 9:30am – 4:30am

Phone: (253) 301-0508

Email: jeannette.twitty@thehouseofmatthew.org

Website: https://www.thehouseofmatthew.org/about-tom-housing.html


St John Mission Baptist Church – Jericho House

Info: A ministry to men who are displaced through incarceration, unemployment, lack of education, mental health issues, and drug and alcohol issues. Providing temporary employment, housing for men who are working to gain employment and re-establish themselves in the community. Program may provide 1-6 months of housing and/or utility co-payments.

Location: 2001 South J St Tacoma, WA 98405

Phone: (253) 572-7055

Email: info@tmitacoma.org

Website: https://www.tmitacoma.org/contact/


Fresh Start Housing

Info: To provide a clean, safe and alcohol/drug-free environment for those who need or desire it. We provide weekly counseling, encouragement and resources in an effort to prepare our residents for the next positive phase of their life. 

Location: 5231 S Warner St Tacoma WA 98409

602 108th St Tacoma WA 98444

10415 – 10423 Golden Given Rd Tacoma WA 98445

Email: freshstart_housing@yahoo.com

Phone: (253) 359-2965

Website: http://www.freshstarthousing.org/about (application at bottom of webpage)


Exodus Housing

Info: Must be referred through Coordinated Entry. Family Service Specialists help families by quickly moving them from homelessness to permanent housing by providing them with access to fair market rent units rented by private landlords. Families have input about the geographical area where they want to live, though we also give them resources for housing with landlords we currently have connections with. Exodus pays for all the move-in costs to include first/last month’s rent, deposits, application fees, and utility deposits. 

Location: PO Box 1006 Sumner WA 98390

Phone: (253) 862-6808

Email: Tonya@exodushousing.org

Website: https://exodushousing.org/housing-programs/


Tacoma Catholic Worker

Info: Guadalupe House is a clean and sober transitional housing for single adults experiencing homelessness, and who want to pursue goals that will lead them to stable housing and jobs. Acceptance is on an interview and invitation basis. 

Location: 1417 S G St Tacoma WA 98405

Phone: (740) 954-0776

Email: tacomacatholicworker@gmail.com

Website: http://tacomacatholicworker.weebly.com/transitional-housing.html


Helping Hand House and Open Hearth Ministries

Info: Must be referred through Coordinated Entry. Provides temporary housing for homeless families with children. Families stay in a furnished home and receive intensive case management and other program referrals for up to 30 days in one of eight agency-owned or donated homes. During their stay, HHH helps the family work to secure permanent housing through HHH’s Rapid Rehousing Program and provides referrals to other agencies to help overcome other life obstacles. Direct Call. Limited to families with children in Puyallup/Sumner school district areas.

Location: 4321 2nd St SW Puyallup WA 98373

Phone: Please contact Coordinated Entry for referral; Administrative #: (253) 848-6096

Website: http://helpinghandhouse.org/about#our-programs


Lakewood Area Shelter Association (LASA) – Women Only

Info: Must be referred through Coordinated Entry ,.Short-term shelter housing provides families a safe turn-key ready apartment with stays of up to 30 days. Phone, utility service and case management are provided.

Location: 8956 Gravely Lake Dr SW Lakewood WA 98499

Phone: (253) 581-8689

Website: https://www.womenshelters.org/det/wa_98499_lasa-lakewood-homelessprevention


New Phoebe House Association

Info: Provides housing, services, treatment, and support to Pierce County mothers and children impacted by chemical dependence, and to help them achieve and maintain reunification through healing, self-sufficiency, and clean & sober living.

Location: PO Box 5245 Tacoma WA 98415

Phone: (253) 383-7710

Email: info@newphoebehouse.org

Website: https://www.newphoebehouse.org/what-we-do/


Oxford Houses of Washington 

Info: Oxford Houses of Washington State is a group of self-run, self-supported recovery houses that provide an opportunity for every recovering individual to learn a clean and sober way of life–forever. To check for updates on vacancies, please go to the website below and fill in your state, county and gender. 

Website: https://www.oxfordvacancies.com/

Application: https://www.oxfordvacancies.com/applyOnline.aspx


Adams Oxford

Location: 2902 S Adams St Tacoma WA 98409

Phone: (253) 301-2034

Capacity: 8

Alaska Oxford

Location: 1670 S 52nd St Tacoma WA 98408

Phone: (253) 398-5895

Capacity: 7

Allenmore Oxford

Location: 2933 S 19th St Tacoma WA 98405

Phone: (253) 343-8809

Capacity: 8

Alling Park Oxford

Location: 6495 S Sheridan Ave Tacoma WA 98408

Phone: (253) 348-8242

Capacity: 9

B Street Oxford

Location: 9110 E B St Tacoma WA 98445

Phone: (360) 873-1543 

Capacity: 8

Courage Oxford

Location: 1106 E 68th St Tacoma WA 98404

Phone: (253) 602-4063

Capacity: 11

Freeman Park Oxford

Location: 1105 E 54th St Tacoma WA 98404

Phone: (253) 292-1268

Capacity: 8

Hero Oxford

Location: 8327 Washington Blvd SW Lakewood WA 98498

Phone: (253) 792-9753

Capacity: 11

John Harrison Oxford

Location: 4022 E G St Tacoma WA 98404

Phone: (253) 514-1305

Capacity: 8

Junett Oxford

Location: 6013 Junett St Tacoma WA 98409

Phone: (253) 449-6070 

Capacity: 11

Karma Oxford 

Location: 2303 172nd St E Tacoma WA 98445

Phone: (360) 451-8814 

Capacity: 9

Melrose Place Oxford

Location: 2524 S Melrose St Tacoma WA 98405

Phone: (253) 290-2036

Capacity: 8

Rainier View Oxford

Location: 1202 S 15th St Tacoma WA 98405

Phone: (253) 228-0798

Capacity: 8

Revolution Oxford

Location: 12922 Lincoln Ave SW Lakewood WA 98499

Phone: (253) 533-1988

Capacity: 9

Rimbey Oxford

Location: 22308 WA-410 Bonney Lake WA 98391

Phone: (253) 678-8836

Capacity: 9

Supreme Oxford

Location: 9106 Moreland Ave SW Lakewood WA 98498

Phone: (253) 503-3632

Capacity: 11

Tacoma Narrows Oxford

Location: 615 N Jackson Ave Tacoma WA 98406

Phone: (253) 549-9236

Capacity: 9

Wapato Oxford

Location: 102 E 72nd St Tacoma WA 98404

Phone: (253) 507-4083

Capacity: 7

Zero Oxford

Location: 7602 Pacfic Ave Tacoma WA 98408

Phone: (253) 993-6126

Capacity: 6


Ainsworth Ave Oxford

Location: 8034 S Ainsworth Ave Tacoma WA 98408

Phone: (253) 267-0426

Capacity: 8

Clover Creek Oxford

Location: 5805 122nd St SW Lakewood WA 98499

Phone: (253) 287-7307

Capacity: 11

Double Infinity Oxford

Location: 8832 S Yakima Ave Tacoma WA 98444

Phone: (253) 861-5257

Capacity: 11

Fern Hill Oxford

Location: 1601 S 90th St Tacoma WA 98444

Phone: (206) 579-1469

Capacity: 8

Garden Oxford

Location: 1302 N Highlands Pkwy Tacoma WA 98406

Phone: (253) 993-7271

Capacity: 8

Inspiration Oxford

Location: 1110 E 68th St Tacoma WA 98404

Phone: (253) 527-4764

Capacity: 11

Loyalty Oxford

Location: 3309 58th Ave NE Tacoma WA 98422

Phone: (253) 765-3557

Capacity: 11

Morton Oxford

Location: 3598 E I St Tacoma WA 98404

Phone: (253) 632-3048

Capacity: 7

Nevaeh Oxford

Location: 5610 S Ferdinand St Tacoma WA 98409

Phone: (360) 324-3943

Capacity: 10

Phoenix Oxford

Location: 7803 S Yakima Ave Tacoma WA 98408

Phone: (360) 338-2400

Capacity: 8


For free and low-cost clinics that provide services at no charge/reduced rates, regardless of whether or not you have insurance coverage, look here: https://www.wahealthcareaccessalliance.org/free-clinics/search-for-clinics

Healthcare: Coverage

**To consider:

  • Health insurance is required by law (or you will be charged a penalty).
  • All health insurance coverage sold in Washington state must cover mental health care.
  • DOC can help you apply for Medicaid while in prison (unless you are married or will gain custody of a child after release).
  • Companies that employ at least 50 people must provide health insurance to their employees.
  • You can apply for free or low-cost coverage through Medicaid and CHIP any time, all year.


SHIBA (State Health Insurance Benefit Advisors)

Info: Partnered with South Sound Outreach Services in Pierce County, provides free information about health care covers and access

Phone #: call and leave a voicemail

Local: (253) 596-0918

Statewide: (800) 562-6900

Website: https://www.co.pierce.wa.us/658/SHIBA-State-Health-Insurance-Benefits-Ad


Washington Prescription Drug Program (WPDP)

Info: A prescription drug discount program open to Washington State residents who do not have prescription drug insurance or coverage. No eligibility requirements or fees for a WPDP membership. Contact SHIBA for more information 

Contact info: https://www.hca.wa.gov/contact-hca#who-to-contact


Medicaid/Apple Health

Info: Helps people with low income and/or aged, blind or disabled. You may qualify for Medicaid/Apple Health if your income is 138% below the federal poverty level. There are no monthly premiums except for children from higher-income families. For types of  service coverage, go here: https://www.hca.wa.gov/health-care-services-supports/apple-health-medicaid-coverage/covered-services

    • If you have Medicaid coverage before you entered prison…
      • And you entered prison after July 5, 2017: your coverage will be suspended during Incarceration and then restored once you are released
      • And you entered prison before July 5, 2017: your coverage is terminated, but you might be able to apply to Medicaid while in prison 
    • How to apply: 

    • Marketplace Website: https://www.healthcare.gov/screener/



        • For assistance:
          • Phone: 1-855-923-4633




      Info: Helps people who are either 65 years and older or are disabled and receive SSDI or have end stage renal failure. This is free to anyone over the age of 65 as long as you have worked and paid taxes to Medicare for at least 40 quarters (10 years). If you turn 65 and qualify for Medicare while incarcerated, you should actively enroll in Medicare Parts A and B during your Initial Enrollment Period (which includes the three months before, the month of, and the three months following your 65th birthday). You will not be eligible for automatic enrollment while you are incarcerated. 

      • Additional information: How Medicare Coverage works while you are incarcerated (https://www.medicareinteractive.org/get-answers/medicare-health-coverage-options/medicare-and-incarceration/medicare-coverage-during-incarceration) 
        • E.g. you will typically need to pay the Part B premium ($144.60 in 2020) each month to avoid being disenrolled, but Medicare typically will not pay for your medical care until you are released.
        • It is usually best to keep Medicare Part A and Part B coverage while you are incarcerated. Although Medicare will not cover your care, keeping it will ensure that you avoid late enrollment penalties and gaps in coverage when you are released.Note that if you are under 65 and qualify for Medicare due to disability, you must reinstate your SSDI in order to resume Medicare coverage. 
      • Need financial assistance? If you cannot afford to continue paying the Part B premium during your incarceration:
      1. You should actively withdraw from Part B instead of being disenrolled to avoid owing premiums to SSA. If you do nothing, SSA will continue to bill you for Part Band disenroll you after you fail to pay your premiums. When you re-enroll in Part B upon release, SSA will deduct any unpaid premiums from your Social Security benefits.
      2. See whether you qualify for a Medicare Savings Program (MSP). MSPs pay your Part B premiums, help you enroll in Medicare outside typical enrollment periods, and waive premium penalties.
      • How to apply: To enroll in Part A and Part B, send a signed and dated letter to the Social Security Administration (SSA) that includes your name, Social Security number, clear statement that you want to enroll, and the date coverage should be effective. Be sure to keep a copy of the letter that you send.


      Qualified Health Plan (private insurance)

      Info: If you do not receive health insurance through your employer and you do not qualify for Medicaid/Apple Health, you will need to buy private insurance, also known as a qualified health plan (QHP). You cannot apply if you are in jail or prison. Applying for health insurance has an enrollment period (typically from beginning of November to mid December). You may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period to enroll in a Marketplace plan if you experience certain types of life changes, like losing health coverage, getting married, or having a baby. Covers Essential Health Benefits. Does not cover adult dental/vision/hearing care nor certain long-term care.

        • Need financial assistance?: You can qualify for help paying for a QHP if your household gross income is between 100% – 400% of the federal poverty level or you are lawfully present immigrant whose income is at or below 400% of the federal poverty level, you file taxes, you are married and file taxes jointly. 
        • How to apply: 

      • Phone: 1-855-923-4633


      Paper application: call your local DSHS or from Healthplanfinder

      Healthcare: General Medical


      Info: Provides health care services to residents of Tacoma and other cities and towns in the South Sound.

      Location: Has several locations, please go to their website for specific locations.

      Website: https://www.multicare.org/all-locations/


      CHI Franciscan  Health – Saint Joseph Medical Center

      Info: Provides inpatient and outpatient medical services including diagnosis, care, and treatment for individuals. We offer discounts and other financial assistance for medically necessary services. To be eligible for this assistance, you must submit the necessary documents and meet established qualifications. For more information or to obtain an application

      Visit our financial assistance page or call the Franciscan Regional Business Office at 253-396-6700. All inquiries are treated with respect and in confidence. Third-party coverage: we also provide help in obtaining payment from third parties such as Medicare and Medicaid. If you are eligible for Medicaid, but you are not currently signed up, we can help you apply.

      Location: 1717 S J St Tacoma, WA 98405

      Open: Medical Clinic is open Monday-Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm, for more specific services and times, please go to their website

      Phone: (253) 426-4101

      Website: http://www.chifranciscan.org/


      Community Health Care

      Info: Serves patients through five medical and behavioral health clinics, four dental clinics, and four pharmacy locations throughout Pierce County. Patients without insurance are treated on a sliding-fee scale based on income and family size. Most private and public insurances are accepted including Apple Health and Medicare. 

      Website: https://www.commhealth.org/patient-resources/new-patient-information/

      Community Health Care Locations

      Hilltop Regional Health Center

      Location: 1202 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Tacoma WA 98405

      Open: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm (closed between 12:00pm – 1:00pm

      Phone: (253) 441-4742

      For Appointments: (253) 441-4742

      Kimi & George Tanbara, MD Health Center, Eastside Family Medical Clinic & Milgard Family Dental Clinic

      Location: 1708 East 44th St, Tacoma WA 98404

      Open: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm (closed between 12:00pm – 1:00pm)

      Phone: (253) 471-4553

      Lakewood Family Medical and Dental Clinic

      Location: 10510 Gravelly Lake Dr., Lakewood WA 98444

      Open: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm (closed between 12:00pm – 1:00pm)

      Phone: (253) 589-7030

      For Appointments: (253) 589-7030

      Parkland Family Medical Clinic

      Location: 11225 Pacfici Ave., Tacoma WA 98444

      Open: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm (closed between 12:00pm – 1:00pm) 

      Phone: (253) 536-2020

      For Appointments: (253) 536-2020

      Spanaway Family Medical and Dental Clinic

      Location: 134 188th St S Spanaway WA 98387

      Open: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm 

      Phone: (253) 847-2304

      For Appointments: (253) 847-2304


      Sea Mar 

      Info: Please go to their website for an extensive list of services provided by each location. Sea Mar provides sliding fee scale discounts for eligible patients, dependent on household size and annual income. To apply for sliding fee scale discounts, please bring proof of your annual household income to your visit.

      Sea Mar Medical Locations

      Lakewood Pediatrics

      Location: 7424 Bridgeport Way W., Suite 103, Lakewood WA 98499

      Open: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm 

      Phone: (253) 581-2111

      Website: https://www.seamar.org/pierce-medical-lakewood-pediatrics.html

      Puyallup Medical Clinic

      Location: 10217 125th St., Ct. E. 2nd Floor, Puyallup WA 98374

      Open: Monday – Saturday 8:00am – 5:00pm 

      Phone: (253) 864-4550

      Website: https://www.seamar.org/pierce-medical-puyallup.html

      Tacoma – 11th St.

      Location: 1307 S 11th St., Tacoma WA 98405

      Open: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm

      Phone: (253) 682-2180

      Website: https://www.seamar.org/pierce-medical-tacoma-11thclinic.html

      Tacoma – Cushman

      Location: 1112 S Cushman Tacoma WA 98405

      Open: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm & Tuesday, Thursday 8:00am – 7:00pm

      Phone: (253) 593-2144

      Website: https://www.seamar.org/pierce-medical-tacoma.html

      Tillicum Medical Clinic

      Location: 14916 Washington Ave SW Lakewood WA 98498

      Open: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm 

      Phone: (253) 280-9890

      Website: https://www.seamar.org/pierce-medical-tillicum.html


      Healthcare: Dental

      Bates Dental Clinic

      Info: Provide exams, fillings, crowns, some extractions. All patients must have a complete new patient exam (exam and x-rays) before treatment can be performed. The Dental Clinic accepts Apple Health for adults insurance, and fees are generally less than what a private dental practice might charge. Fees are due at the time of service.

      Location: 1101 S Yakima, Rm E202A, Tacoma WA 98405 

      Open: Monday – Thursday 8:00am – 3:00pm

      Phone: (253) 680-7310 

      Website: https://www.batestech.edu/dental-clinic/


      Christ Community Free Clinic

      Info: Limited Dental Exams and Treatments that are walk-in first come first served; offered to all adults with no dental insurance and whose gross income is under 200% of the federal poverty level. We also connect patients whose dental care requires complex extractions with king county project access who provides their services at no charge. For more about what they are able to treat versus unable to treat, please go to their website. Bring in income documentation. 

      Location: 1 A St NW Auburn, WA 98001

      Open: Days & Hours Vary – check their website often for monthly updates on hours, sign-in begins 7:30am on Fridays and 8:30am on Saturdays

      Phone: (253) 736-2634

      Website: https://www.christfreeclinic.org/dental


      Excellent Dental Care Clinic

      Info: This is a dental clinic that specializes in dental care for children (under the age of 2) and families. Services provided include general dentistry, non-extraction orthodontics, preventive dentistry, TMD/TMJ treatment, and dental implants. 

      Location: 1212 S 11th St Suite 20 Tacoma, WA 98405

      Open: Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm

      Phone: (253) 272-6242

      Website: https://www.excellentdentalcarecenter.com/locations/dentist-tacoma/


      Lindquist Dental Clinic for Children

      Info: Provides services to all children (birth through 20 years of age), regardless of income. Accepts all forms of DSHS, most insurances – including TRICARE Dental (with no out of pocket costs for covered services for those with qualifying incomes) and uninsured children are seen on a sliding scale fee basis. Services include preventive care and education, comprehensive exams, x-rays, cleanings, fillings, extractions, root canals, sealants, space maintainers, permanent crowns, fluoride treatments and emergency care.

      Location: 130 131st St S Tacoma, WA 98444

      Open: Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm

      Phone: (253) 539-7445

      Website: http://www.lindquistdental.org/


      Sea Mar 

      Info: Provide general dental care and some locations provide emergency dental care. Please go to their website for an extensive list of services provided by each location. Sea Mar provides sliding fee scale discounts for eligible patients, dependent on household size and annual income. To apply for sliding fee scale discounts, please bring proof of your annual household income to your visit. 

      Sea Mar Dental Locations

      Puyallup Dental Clinic

      Location: 10217 125th St., Court E, Puyallup WA 98374

      Open: Monday – Saturday 8:00am – 5:00pm

      Phone: (253) 864-4760

      Website: https://www.seamar.org/pierce-dental-puyallup.html

      Tacoma – 11th St.

      Location: 1215 S 11th St., Tacoma WA 98045

      Open: Monday – Saturday 8:00am – 5:00pm

      Phone: (253) 280-9840

      Website: https://www.seamar.org/pierce-dental-tacoma11.html

      Tacoma – Cushman

      Location: 1112 S Cushman Tacoma WA 98045

      Open: Monday – Saturday 8:00am – 5:00pm

      Phone: (253) 280-9770

      Website: https://www.seamar.org/pierce-dental-tacoma.html

      Tacoma – Cedar 

      Location: 3712 S Cedar St., Tacoma WA 98409

      Open: Monday – Saturday 8:00am – 5:00pm

      Phone: (253) 682-2860

      Website: https://www.seamar.org/pierce-dental-tacoma-cedar.html

      Healthcare: Vision

      Medicaid Options: The following list is taken from the Pierce County Aging and Disability Resource Center


      Medicaid Accepted Vision Centers

      Barry Huse & Associates

      Location:2913 S 38th St Ste B-3 (Michael’s Plaza) Tacoma WA 98409

      Open: Monday, Tuesday, Fridays 8:00am – 4:30pm

      Wednesdays, Thursdays 9:00am – 5:30pm

      First two Saturdays per month 8:00am – 2:00pm

      Phone: (253) 473-1050

      Website: https://www.barryhuseod.com/location.html

      Bridgeport Vision Clinic

      Location: 9101 Bridgeport Way SW Lakewood WA 98499

      Open:Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays 9:00am – 5:30pm

      Thursdays 10:00am – 7:00pm

      Fridays 9:00am – 5:00pm

      Phone: (253) 584-2020

      Website: https://www.bridgeportvisionclinic.com/

      Cascade Pacific Eyecare

      Location: 1314 72nd St E Ste D Tacoma WA 98404

      Open: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays (closed every 3rd Wednesday of the month), Fridays 9:00am – 5:00pm

      Thursdays 10:00am – 7:00pm

      Phone: (253) 531-5535

      Website: https://cascadepacificeyecare.com/eye-care-services/

      Century Eye Care

      Location: 4826 Tacoma Mall Blvd Ste A Tacoma WA 98409

      Open: Mondays 8:00am – 5:00pm

      Tuesdays 9:00am – 7:00pm

      Wednesdays 9:00am – 5:00pm

      Thursdays, Fridays 9:00am – 5:00pm

      Saturdays 8:00am – 2:00pm

      Phone: (253) 475-0374

      Website: https://www.century-eyecare.com/eye-care-services/

      Corliss Optometrists 

      Location: 312 4th St SE Puyallup WA 98372

      Open: Mondays, Thursdays 8:45am – 5:00pm

      Tuesdays 1:00pm – 4:00pm

      Wednesdays, Fridays 8:45am – 4:00pm 

      Phone: (253) 845-0585

      Website: http://www.corlissopt.com/services/

      Evergreen Eye Center

      Location: 502 S M. St Tacoma WA 98405

      Open: Monday – Fridays 8:00am – 4:30pm 

      Phone: (800) 340-3595

      Website: https://www.evergreeneye.com/eye-center/tacoma/

      Eye Care of South Hill

      Location: 10202 149th St E Puyallup WA 98374

      Open: Monday – Thursday 9:00am – 5:00pm

      Fridays 8:30am – 4:00pm

      Phone: (253) 841-2020

      Website: n/a

      Eyes Rite Eyecare

      Location: 7813 Pacific Ave Tacoma WA 98408

      Open: Monday – Friday 9:30am – 5:30pm

      Saturdays 11:00am – 4:00pm

      Phone: (253) 472-5813

      Website: n/a

      Family Eye Care Associates

      Location: 6314 19th St W Suite #1 Tacoma WA 98466

      Open: Mondays, Thursdays 7:00am – 5:00pm

      Tuesdays, Wednesdays 8:00am – 6:00pm

      Phone: (253) 566-2020

      Website: https://familyeyecare2020.net/optometry-services/

      Dr.Francis Geissler

      Location: 4717 S 19th St Tacoma WA 98405

      Open: n/a

      Phone: (253) 248-2020

      Website: https://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-francis-geissler-325jv

      Northwest Optical Center

      Location: 1201 S Union Ave Suite #5 Tacoma WA 98405

      Open: Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:30pm

      Phone: (253) 572-5498

      Website: https://northwestoptical.com/services/

      Tacoma Eyecare Center

      Location: 9115 S Tacoma Way Suite #106 Lakewood WA 98499

      Open: Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm

      Phone: (253) 588-4225

      Website: https://eyecaretacoma.com/

      South Hill Vision Clinic

      Location: 12511 E Meridian Suite #101 Puyallup WA 98375

      Open: Monday – Thursday 9:00am – 5:00pm

      Fridays 8:30am – 4:00pm

      Phone: (253) 848-8988

      Website: n/a

      Spanaway Vision Clinic

      Location: 17416 Pacific Ave S Spanaway WA 98387

      Open: Monday – Thursday 8:00am – 5:00pm 

      Except Wednesdays 9:00am – 6:00pm

      Fridays 8:00am – 12:00pm

      Phone: (253) 531-1888

      Website: n/a

      Vision Care Associates

      8204 27th St W University Place WA 98466

      Monday – Thursday 9:00am – 5:00pm

      Fridays 9:00am – 2:00pm

      (253) 564-9262

      Website: https://vision-care-assoc.com/about-us/university-place-office/

      Willows Optical

      13909 Meridian St E Puyallup WA 

      Monday – Thursday 9:00am – 6:00pm

      Fridays 9:00am – 2:00pm

      (253) 848-2338

      Website: http://www.willowseyecare.com/


      Lion’s Club & Sight Life

      Info: Sight Life was founded by the Northwest Lion’s Club and works with local Lion’s Clubs to promote hearing and eyesight health. Services provided may include eye exams and eyeglasses (through the local clubs only) and hearing exams and refurbished hearing aids (at no or little cost) through the Sight Life Foundation. Individuals who want help must first contact their local Lion’s Club and be referred to Sight Life.

      Location: There are 33 Lion Club locations in Pierce County. Please go to the website to find a specific location.

      Phone: call the ADRC at (253) 798-4600 or 1 (800) 562-0332 for assistance

      Website: https://www.lionsclubs.org/en/start-our-approach/club-locator/results


      Vision USA

      Info: Providing Free Eye Exams to Low-Income Uninsured Americans across the U.S. If you need an eye exam and do not have insurance and cannot afford one, work with your social worker, case worker, charitable organization or agency to submit an application on your behalf for VISION USA services. Application is linked in the website, along with qualifications to access an appointment.

      Website: https://eyes.org/patients-and-public/vision-wa


      New Eyes for the Needy

      Info: Purchases new prescription eyeglasses through a voucher program for low-income children and adults in the United States who cannot afford glasses on their own. To apply, please click the link below.

      Location: 549 Millburn Avenue Short Hills, NJ 07078

      Open: Monday – Thursday: 9:00am – 4:00pm ET (Phones closed 12:30pm – 1:30pm)

      Phone: (973) 376-4903

      Website: https://new-eyes.org/application


      Eyecare America

      Info: Offers two programs:

      1. The Seniors Program connects eligible seniors 65 and older with local volunteer ophthalmologists who provide a medical eye exam often at no out-of-pocket cost, and up to one year of followup care for any condition diagnosed during the initial exam, for the physician services.
      2. The Glaucoma Program provides a glaucoma eye exam at no cost to those who are eligible and uninsured. Those who are eligible and insured are billed normal office procedure, and responsible for any co-payments. (This is an awareness program to provide a baseline glaucoma eye exam to those who may not be aware they are at increased risk). 

      Phone: (415) 561.8500

      Website: https://www.aao.org/eyecare-america/read-more

      For more eye care resources, please check out the Pierce County website: https://www.co.pierce.wa.us/438/Eye-Care—Free-Resources

      Healthcare: Mental and Behavioral

      Helplines (taken from the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department):

      • Emergency medical services: Call 911.
        • Crisis Line: (800) 273-8255 (Veterans, press 1).
        • Text: 741741, then hit “Send”.
      • Suicide Prevention
        • Suicide Lifeline: (800) 273-8255 (TALK).
        • Safer Homes, Suicide Aware.
        • Trans Lifeline: (877) 565-8860.
      • Trevor Project (LGBTQ): (866) 488-7386.
      • Addiction recovery: (866) 789-1511.
      • Treatment referral: (877) 726-4727.
      • South Sound 211 (dial 211 in your phone)


      Mental and Behavioral Health Services Locator

      Info: a confidential and anonymous source of information for persons seeking treatment facilities across the United States for substance use/addiction and mental health problems. 

      Website: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/ 


      New Connections

      Info: Provides reentry resource navigation, advocacy, community outreach, policy initiatives, and shelter for women who are returning to society after incarceration. 

      Location: 613 S 15th St Tacoma, WA 98405

      Phone: (253) 617-1405

      Website: https://nctacoma.org/


      A Common Voice for Pierce County Parents

      Info: Provides Parent Support and education to empower parents of children with mild to significant emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges.

      Location: 10402 Kline St SW Milgard Family HOPE Center Lakewood, WA 98499

      Phone: (253) 537-2145

      Website: http://www.acommonvoice.org


      Comprehensive Life Resources – Park Place

      Info: Community based provider of mental health services (such as children’s counseling or adult substance abuse treatment) to youth, families and adults. Primarily serves those living in Tacoma City limits and the part of Pierce County accessible via the Narrows Bridge. Services include outpatient, emergency, and residential.

      Location: 610 S Yakima Tacoma, WA 98405

      Phone: (253) 396-5246

      Website: https://www.comprehensiveliferesources.org/services-overiew


      Consejo Counseling & Referral Service – Tacoma

      Info: Primarily serves the Spanish-speaking Latino population. Provides mental health services including counseling, assessment, family and group therapy and case management, as well as culturally relevant mental health services for children and adolescents. Provides counseling and therapy for mental health issues including domestic violence, gambling addiction and substance use disorder. Some services specialize in older adults, individuals with disabilities and sexual assault victims and survivors. Also provides substance use disorder treatment for adults and youth.

      Location: 5915 Orchard St W Unit B Tacoma, WA 98466

      Open: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm

      Phone: (253) 414-7461

      Website: https://consejonew.consejocounseling.org/services-2-2/


      Tacoma Vet Center

      Info: Help Veterans navigate the maze of VA services and programs. They also help determine eligibility for benefits for Veterans and their spouses and dependents. Ask for the Service Officer

      Location (Main Office):4916 Center St. Suite E Tacoma, WA 98409

      Open: Monday 8:00am – 6:30pm, Tuesday 8:00am – 4:30pm, Wednesday 8:00am – 6:30pm, Thursday 8:00am – 4:30pm, Friday 8:00am – 4:30pm, Saturday by appointment, Sunday closed

      Phone: (253) 565-7038

      Website: https://www.co.pierce.wa.us/3427/Veterans-Service-Offices


      The Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at Valley Cities 

      Info: Provides high-quality mental healthcare services accessible to all post-9/11 (including National Guard and Reserves), their families, and the families of active duty service members including spouse or partner, children, parents, siblings, caregivers, and others

      Location: 6103 Mt. Tacoma Dr. Lakewood, WA 98499

      Open: Monday – Tuesday 8:30am – 7:00pm, Friday 8:30am – 3:00pm, Saturday by appointment, Sunday closed

      Phone: 253-215-7070

      Website: https://www.valleycities.org/cohenclinic


      SeaMar – Mental/Behavioral Services  

      Info: Provides individual psychotherapy, case management for adults and children, psychiatric medication assessments and management, group psychotherapy, psycho-education and community outreach. Accepts most insurances. When insurance is not available, SeaMar offers a sliding fee scale discount. 

      Location: 2121 S. 19th Street Tacoma, WA 98405 plus 7 other locations found on their website

      Open: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm

      Phone: (253) 396 – 1634 

      Website: https://www.seamar.org/pierce-bh-tacoma.html


      Community Health Care

      Info: Serves patients through five medical and behavioral health clinics, four dental clinics, and four pharmacy locations throughout Pierce County. 

      Website: https://www.commhealth.org/patient-resources/new-patient-information/

      Hilltop Regional Health Center

      Location: 1202 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Tacoma WA 98405

      Open: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm (closed between 12:00pm – 1:00pm

      Phone: (253) 441-4742

      For Appointments: (253) 441-4742

      Eastside Family Medical Clinic & Milgard Family Dental Clinic

      Location: 1708 East 44th St, Tacoma WA 98404

      Open: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm (closed between 12:00pm – 1:00pm)

      Phone: (253) 471-4553

      Lakewood Family Medical and Dental Clinic

      Location: 10510 Gravelly Lake Dr., Lakewood WA 98444

      Open: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm (closed between 12:00pm – 1:00pm)

      Phone: (253) 589-7030

      For Appointments: (253) 589-7030

      Parkland Family Medical Clinic

      Location: 11225 Pacfici Ave., Tacoma WA 98444

      Open: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm (closed between 12:00pm – 1:00pm) Phone: (253) 536-2020

      For Appointments: (253) 536-2020

      Spanaway Family Medical and Dental Clinic

      Location: 134 188th St S Spanaway WA 98387

      Open: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm Phone: (253) 847-2304

      For Appointments: (253) 847-2304

      Bethel School Based Health Center

      Location: 21818 38th Ave E Spanaway WA 98387

      Open: Monday – Thursday Phone: (253) 722 – 2161


      Greater Lakes Mental Health Care

      Info: Provide mental health services to Pierce County residents who have Medicaid coverage. If you do not currently have Medicaid insurance, they can help you obtain or re-establish benefits. 

      Website: https://www.glmhc.org/home/locations/


      Greater Lakes Mental Health Care Locations

      Greater Lakes Main Building

      Location: 9330 59th Ave SW

      Lakewood WA 98499

      Phone #: (253) 581-7020

      Greater Lakes 72nd Street Clinic

      Location:1415B East 72nd St

      Tacoma WA 98404

      Open: Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m – 5:00 p.m

      Phone #: (253) 620-5800

      Greater Lakes Spanaway Clinic

      Location: 113 170th Street S

      Spanaway WA 98387

      Open: Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m – 5:00 p.m

      Phone #: (253) 535-1935

      Spanaway Portable (Child and Family)

      Location: 215 166th St S, Portable 5

      Spanaway WA 98387

      Bethel Family Center

      Location: 18020 East B St, Bldg P

      Spanaway WA 98387

      Seeley Lake Lodge – Adult Residential Facility

      Location: 9108 Lakewood Drive SW

      Lakewood WA 98499

      Phone #: (253) 581-6202

      Greater Lakes Recovery Center – Adult Inpatient Evaluation Treatment Center

      Location: 14016 South A Street

      Parkland WA 98444

      Phone #: (253) 503-3649


      Healthcare: Addiction/Substance Use

      Comprehensive Life Resources

      Info: Primarily serves those living in Tacoma City limits and the part of Pierce County accessible via the Narrows Bridge. Provides a variety of outpatient, emergency, and residential services, including both level 1 and level 2 outpatient and court-ordered substance use treatment. No appointment needed, walk-in hours available. 

      Location: 1305 Tacoma Ave S Suite #305 Tacoma WA 98402

      Open (walk-in): Mondays 8:30am – 3:30pm; Tuesday – Thursday 8:30am – 5:30pm; Friday 8:30am – 1:30pm

      Phone: (253) 396-5800

      Website: https://www.comprehensiveliferesources.org/substance-use


      Consejo Counseling and Referral Service – Tacoma

      Info: Services are tailored to monolingual, immigrant, and low-income youth and adults. Consejo’s individually tailored treatment services include a comprehensive intake assessment, individual treatment sessions, group therapy sessions, case management, outreach, engagement, and family services.

      Location: 5915 Orchard St W Unit B Tacoma, WA 98466

      Open: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm

      Phone: (253) 414-7461

      Website: https://consejonew.consejocounseling.org/substance-use-disorder-program/ 


      Crossroads Treatment Center 

      Info: Provides alcohol & drug information school, DUI assessments and general substance use disorder assessments, DUI victim impact panel, outpatient substance use disorder treatment services as well as intensive outpatient treatment.

      Location: 10828 Gravelly Lake Dr SW Suite #204 Lakewood WA 98499 

      Open: Monday – Thursday 9:00am – 6:00pm

      Phone: (253) 473-7474

      Website: http://www.crossroadstreatment.org/services.html


      Exodus Counseling & Treatment Services

      Info: Provides alcohol & drug information school, DUI assessments and outpatient chemical dependency treatment services.

      Location: 918 Alder Ave Sumner WA 98390

      Phone: (253) 891-2662


      F.H. Counseling & Associates

      Info: Offers substance use disorder treatment services including outpatient, intensive outpatient, alcohol & drug information school, DUI evaluations and family, couples and individual counseling. Fees are due upon services. If you would like to bill your insurance or Employee Assistance Program for your sessions, please complete the registration process at least 24 hours prior to your initial appointment, this is to verify the accuracy of your benefits. It will be expected that you pay for your session privately if your insurance information is not completed prior to your visit.

      Location: 917 Pacific Ave Ste 213-214 Tacoma WA 98402

      Phone: (253) 777-4772

      Website: https://www.fhca-pllc.com/services.html


      Foundation for Multicultural Solutions – El Camino

      Info: Provides alcohol & drug information school, DUI assessments, outpatient chemical dependency treatment services as well as intensive outpatient treatment.

      Location: 2316 S State St Suite B Tacoma WA 98405

      Phone: (253) 572-3214

      Website: http://foundationelcamino.org/programs.html


      Graham Outpatient Clinic – Prosperity Wellness Center

      Info: A co-occurring program, focusing on substance use, mental health, relationships, and historic trauma. The program focuses on the creation of a recovery cycle process, to promote balanced living and interruption of the addiction behavioral cycle; each person identifies through individual and group sessions. Accepts Department of Social and Health Services, Medical Coverage. Some of our patients and their families who are not covered by health insurance self-fund their treatment. For more information regarding coverage and costs. Call Suzanne at (253) 536-6425

      Location: 22007 Meridian Ave E Suite A Graham WA 98338

      Open: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm

      Phone: (253) 375-7230

      Website: https://www.prosperitywellnesscenter.com/what-we-do/


      Holistic Recovery

      Info: To provide housing, services, treatment, and support to mothers and children impacted by chemical dependence, and to help them achieve and maintain reunification through healing, self-sufficiency, and clean and sober living. New Phoebe House is a transitional recovery program that houses 16 women and their children. Women must have a phone screening and an in person interview prior to admission and qualify through Coordinated Entry.

      Location: 1001 S Yakima Ave Suite #14 Tacoma WA 98405

      Open: Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm

      Phone: (253) 267-5402



      Metropolitan Development Counsel (MDC) – Healthcare Services

      Info: Services include detoxification services for those who wish to become sober and Behavioral Health and Chemical Dependency services for youth and adults, and DUI Alternative Detention.

      Location: 721 S Fawcett Suite #201 Tacoma WA 98402

      Phone: (253) 383-3921

      Website: https://www.mdc-hope.org/health


      NAMI Connection Recovery Support Group

      Info: Provides support for recovery to individuals and families living with mental illness. – Educates individuals, families and the community, providing facts about mental illness, treatment and recovery and erasing the myths. – Advocates for state, local and national laws and policies that will improve the quality of life for citizens with mental illness, especially those who cannot speak for themselves.

      Location: Puyallup (325 Pioneer St Good Sam Mental Health Rm A158 Puyallup WA 98372) and Tacoma (310 N K St Christ Episcopal Church Tacoma WA 98403)

      Open: check calendar in link below

      Phone: (253) 677-6629

      Website: https://namipierce.org/

      Support Groups

      Psychology Today Support Group Search Engine

      Website: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/groups/wa/tacoma?sid=5ecd75eca7fc1


      CPTS (Community Partnership for Transition Services) – Pierce

      Info: Promotes the successful reintegration of individuals into the community from incarceration through purpose-driven community partnerships that provide holistic, comprehensive services in support of these individuals. Meetings are held the first Friday of every month from 10:00am – 12:00pm

      Location: Bates Technical College – Central Campus 2320 S 19th St Tacoma WA 98405 Room #102

      Website: http://www.cpts.info/pierce_cpts.aspx


      Reentry Network Cafe 

      Info: To provide a safe place for those who have been impacted by the justice system where individuals can talk freely, receive encouraging inspiration, and support with those who have walked the path and have knowledge to assist those in times of personal and social challenges.

      Location: 2367 Tacoma Ave South Tacoma, WA 98402

      Open: Meetings are on the first Monday of every month at 6:00pm (excluding holidays – then second Monday of every month)

      Email: pierce.reentry@gmail.com

      Website: https://reentrynetworkcafe.wixsite.com/website-2?fbclid=IwAR1m20QKRBaZHdsbhkM1DGXiAoUHjpBswL1YQXZpFq3bmJmN4Yft_TDK4cM


      Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

      Info: The primary service provided by Narcotics Anonymous is the NA group meeting. Each group runs itself based on principles common to the entire organization. The group atmosphere provides help from peers and offers an ongoing support network for addicts who wish to pursue and maintain a drug-free lifestyle. NA’s approach makes no distinction between drugs including alcohol. Membership is free. 

      Location: Due to the comprehensive list of locations, please go to the link below to search for a NA group near you.

      Website: https://www.na.org/meetingsearch/


      Alcoholics Anonymous

      Info: Alcoholics Anonymous is an international fellowship of men and women who have had a drinking problem. It is nonprofessional, self-supporting, multiracial, apolitical, and available almost everywhere. There are no age or education requirements. Membership is open to anyone who wants to do something about his or her drinking problem. 

      Location: AA groups are located by district. Districts within Pierce County include 9, 29, 43, 44, 45, and 54. Please go to the link below to access the calendar for dates, times and locations of each district’s AA group meeting. 

      Phone: (253) 474-8897 (hotline)

      District Map: https://www.pugetsoundaa.org/districts-and-committees/districts-map

      Website: https://www.pugetsoundaa.org/districts-and-committees

      Online AA meeting search engine: https://aa-intergroup.org/


      The Mustard Seed Project of Key Peninsula – Support Groups

      Info: All groups surround older adults. They provide a caregiving support group, a community forum, art classes, and gentle yoga classes for older adults. Please visit their online calendar for event dates. 

      Location: 9016 154th Avenue CT. NW Lakebay, WA 98349

      Open: Monday – Friday 10:00am – 4:00pm

      Phone: (253) 884-2216

      Email: info@themustardseedproject.org

      Calendar: http://themustardseedproject.org/events/2020-03/

      Website: http://themustardseedproject.org/services-programs/community-enrichment/


      Tacoma Catholic Worker  

      Info: Every Tuesday, they host a liturgy and a free dinner

      Location: 1417 S G St Tacoma WA 98405

      Open: Doors open at 5:00pm, Liturgy starts at 5:30pm, Meal begins at 6:15pm

      Phone: (740) 954-0776

      Website: http://tacomacatholicworker.weebly.com/tuesday-open-house-meal.html


      Pierce Transit – Regional Reduced Bus Fare Permit

      Info: Discounts for seniors, individuals with a disability and Medicare Card holders: if you are 65 or older, have a qualifying doctor-verified disability, or have a Medicare card you may ride for a discounted fare. You must show a valid Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP) when paying a discounted fare. The initial card will be free. A replacement card will be $3. Please bring proof of age, S.S. I. disability award letter, VA paperwork with 40% or more disability, a valid Medicare card, or a Washington Department of Licensing issued identification card for a disabled parking placard and another government photo ID. 

      Location: 505 East 25th Street, Tacoma 98421

      Open: Monday – Friday: 6:30am – 6:30pm

      Phone: (253) 581-8000

      Website: https://www.piercetransit.org/PT-fares/ (scroll down to Regional Reduced Bus Fare for application)


      Pierce Transit – SHUTTLE

      Info: A shared-ride service for people who, because of their disability, are unable to ride a regular Pierce Transit bus. SHUTTLE provides door- to-door service, or in some instances, transportation to transit centers or bus stops to connect with regular bus service. Eligibility criteria means meeting one of the following conditions set by the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act: You are functionally unable to get on or off a transit bus, even with use of a wheelchair lift; you are physically unable to get to or from a regular Pierce Transit bus stop; you are unable to understand and follow transit directions or understand information signs for reasons other than language. To become eligible for SHUTTLE, you must complete a certification process. This involves filling out an application explaining the limitations caused by your disability. The certification process may take up to 21 days after we receive your completed application. 

      Location: 3701 96th St. SW Lakewood, WA 98499 (Headquarters)

      Phone: Customer Service (253) 581-8000 (Option 1, then Option 2)

      Website: https://www.piercetransit.org/shuttle/ 

      Application: https://www.piercetransit.org/eligibility/


      Tacoma Link Light Rail

      Info: Riding the Tacoma link is free until 2022. The link travels 1.6 miles through downtown Tacoma, making six stops along the way. Tacoma Link trains run every 12 minutes most of the day on weekdays and Saturday, and every 24 minutes on Sunday. 

      Open: Service is available Monday – Friday 5:30am – 10:00pm and Saturday – Sunday plus holiday 10:00am – 6:00pm 

      Phone: (888) 889-6368

      Website: https://www.soundtransit.org/ride-with-us/how-to-pay/fares/tacoma-link-light-rail-fares


      Angel Flight West

      Info: Angel Flight West is a charitable organization whose mission is help people get to their medical treatment. Most of our flights are provided by volunteers – private pilots who fly their own airplanes and donate the costs of the flight. We also work with airline partners for trips from Alaska and Hawaii. The beneficiaries of the flight – the passengers and their families, the healthcare organizations – pay nothing at all, ever.

      Location: 3161 Donald Douglas Loop South Santa Monica, CA 90405 (headquarters)

      Phone: (310) 390-2958

      Email: info@angelflightwest.org

      Website: https://afids.angelflightwest.org/flight-request


      The Mustard Seed Project of Key Peninsula 

      Info: Our senior transportation program is organized into two distinct options (at no charge, donations accepted): 

      • Individual Door through Door services: Individually scheduled rides to medical appointments, grocery shopping and other essential destinations for pre-registered riders. Rides are scheduled 7 days or more in advance. Eligibility: Riders must live on the Key Peninsula and have a household income of less than $3,000 per month after deducting out-of-pocket medical expenses and riders must be age 60+ or an adult with disabilities.
      • Community Solutions Mini-Bus (wheelchair accessible): We partner with Pierce Transit to provide this service under their guidelines. Regularly scheduled group transportation to Key Peninsula Community Services’ Senior Lunch, Gig Harbor destinations, and the YMCA for pre-registered riders. Additional stops on the route can be arranged in advance for pre-registered riders when the schedule allows. Off-route trips can occasionally be scheduled in advance for pre-registered riders as driver availability permits. Eligibility: Riders must live on the Key Peninsula and there is no income eligibility and riders must be age 60+ or an adult with disability. 

      Location: 9016 154th Avenue CT. NW Lakebay, WA 98349

      Open: Monday – Friday 10:00am – 4:00pm

      Phone: (253) 884-2216

      Email: info@themustardseedproject.org

      Website: http://themustardseedproject.org/services-programs/key-peninsula-senior-ride-program/

      AI/AN Resources: Tribal Services

      Washington State Tribal Directory: https://goia.wa.gov/tribal-directory


      Native American Reentry Services (NARS)

      Info: Currently NARS is offering expertise to tribes to support tribal reentry programs and connection to tribal members during incarceration. NARS’s long term goal is to begin providing direct services to Pierce County urban Indian population. For a list of local tribal health and wellness centers, please go to the website below.

      Location: PO Box 11224 Tacoma, WA 98411

      Phone: (253) 212-9227

      Email: winona@nativereentry.org

      Website: http://www.nativereentry.org/resources


      Puyallup Tribal Health Authority

      Info: The Center provides an array of services including: 

      For eligibility criteria, please go to website below

      Location: 2209 E 32nd St Tacoma, WA 98404

      Open: Monday – Friday (except Wednesday) 9:00am – 5:00pm, Wednesdays 10:00am – 5:00pm

      Phone: (253) 593-0232

      Website: https://www.eptha.com/eligibility/


      Puyallup Tribe Community and Family Services 

      Info: To provide assistance to primarily Puyallup Tribal member youth and adults who are in need of drug and alcohol screening, assessment, and referrals to treatment services, focusing on interventions, prevention and outreach services to the Native American community on or near the Puyallup Reservation. Eligibility: Applicant must be a client of the Community/Family Services Program, must be a member of a Federally Recognized Tribe, and must be 4-24 years of age. Process includes a Brief Risk Assessments, Referrals, Limited Counseling until Approval of Treatment. 

      Location: 3009 E Portland Ave Tacoma WA 98404

      Open: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm

      Phone: (253) 573-7920

      Website: http://puyallup-tribe.com/services/p/comfamservices.html


      Small Tribes of Western Washington (STWW)

      Info: Provie programs including Commodity Food Distribution Program, Emergency Food Assistance Program, and Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

      Location: 3040 96th St S, Lakewood, Washington 98499

      Open: Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm

      Phone: (253) 589-7101

      Website: https://stoww.org/


      DSHS Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation Program

      Info: DVR works with the Tribal VR Programs to provide services to AI/AN with disabilities who are seeking employment

      Phone: Tribal Liaisons in Tacoma: (253) 983- 6531, Puyallup: (253) 256-066


      Website: https://www.dshs.wa.gov/dvr/tribal-vocational-rehabilitation-programs


      DSHS DCS Tribal Relations

      Info: To facilitate the Division of Child Support (DCS)’s commitment to work government-to-government with Indian tribes to manage specialized tribal caseloads and serve as a local resource on state/tribal relations and issues, work closely with families and tribes in providing and coordinating child support services, provide training, technical assistance and presentations to local tribes, recognized american indian organizations (RAIOs), DCS staff and DSHS staff, and provide outreach services to tribes and RAIOs and represent DCS at meetings, conferences, public forums and cultural events.

      Phone: (253) 597-3700 or (800) 345-9976

      Email: tacomatribal@dshs.wa.gov

      Website: https://www.dshs.wa.gov/esa/division-child-support/tribal-relations


      South Puget Intertribal Planning Agency

      Info: Provides intertribal planning, technical assistance and program management services to support each Tribe’s goal for their members. Programs offered include: 

      • Administration on Aging (AOA): Provide free meals for qualified elders enrolled in a federally recognized tribe
      • Child Care Development Fund (CCDF): Supports in-home childcare, family care, certified day care centers, and before and after school care to eligible Indian children and their families
      • Comprehensive Cancer Control Program (CCCP): To develop a community driven multidisciplinary approach to cancer prevention
      • Community Services Block Grant (CSBG): To reduce the impact of poverty by improving nutrition and providing education, recreational and social activities
      • Emergency Food Assistance Program (EFAP): Provide emergency food vouchers
      • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR): Distributes food commodities each month
      • Foster Home: Program recruits and trains foster parents and licenses/supports foster homes
      • Family Violence Prevention Services Act (FVPSA): Dating/domestic violence prevention by offering assistance and support to victims 
      • Healthy Families (HFP): Provides services to improve child and family outcomes 
      • LIHEAP
      • Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA): small grant administered for outreach and information to assist eligible AI/AN and Native Hawaiian elders about Medicare benefits
      • Native Employment Works (NEW): Eligible tribal members receive services to support employment and job retention
      • Native Women’s Wellness Program (NWWP): Promotes community awareness and education, access, referrals and free screenings for early detection of breast and cervical cancer
      • Tribes Assisting Native Families (TANF): Provides financial assistance and employment/training services to needy families 
      • Vocational Rehabilitation
      • Weatherization Program for Low Income Homes: Households can receive an energy audit and receive products/services to improve energy efficiency 
      • Women, Infants and Children (WIC): Provide food and nutritional information 

      Location: 3104 SE Old Olympic Hwy Shelton, WA 98584

      Phone: (360) 426-3990

      Website: https://www.spipa.org/


      Women Spirit Coalition

      Info: Also known as Washington State Native American Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, which advocates for and promotes policy on behalf of member Tribal programs

      Location: 542 N 5th Ave Suite C Sequim, WA 98382

      Phone: (360) 681-3710

      Website: http://www.womenspirit.net/about-us/

      AI/AN Resources: Legal Services

      Northwest Indian Bar Association (NIBA)

      Info: A non-profit organization of attorneys, judges and Indian law practitioners in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, & Washington that aim to improve the legal and political landscape for Pacific Northwest Indian communities. They represent and foster the education and welfare of Native American attorneys, paralegals and tribal court personnel of the Pacific Northwest, provide role models and mentors in the legal profession for Indian people, and encourage and promote pro bono legal work and civic involvement that benefits Indian people on reservations and in urban areas throughout the Pacific Northwest.

      Location: 1420 5th Ave, Suite 3400, Seattle, WA 98101

      Phone: (360) 681-3710

      Website: https://www.nwiba.org/


      Northwest Justice Project – Native American Unit (NAU)

      Info: Aims to address the unique legal needs of Native American communities statewide. The NAU emphasizes cases involving state and federal agencies’ policies and practices that have had disproportionate, adverse impacts on Native communities. Eligibility: Low-income American Indian and Alaska Natives

      Location: 1420 5th Ave, Suite 3400, Seattle, WA 98101

      Phone: 1 (888) 201-1014 (phone open Monday – Friday 9:15am – 12:15pm)

      Website: https://nwjustice.org/specialized-units#1

      University of Washington – Native American Law Center

      Info: Promotes the development of Indian law, and encourages Native Americans and others with an interest in Indian law to attend law school. We also act as a resource to Indian tribes, other governments and individuals in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and across the country.

      Location: Native American Law Center William H. Gates Hall Box 353020 Seattle, WA 98195-3020

      Phone: (206) 685-3253

      Website: https://www.law.uw.edu/academics/programs/native-american-law-center


      Northwest Intertribal Court System (NICS)

      Info: NCIS is a consortium of Native American Indian Tribes in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. It is one of the only intertribal court systems in the country. Provides trial and appellate judges, assistance with code development, training and technical assistance.

      Location: 20818 44TH AVE W. SUITE 120 Lynnwood WA 98036

      Phone: (425) 774-5808

      Website: https://www.nics.ws/


      Tribal Court Clearinghouse 

      Info: A comprehensive website contains extensive resources on tribal, state, and federal law along with extensive Indian country subject-matter resources, a training events calendar, and resources from all Tribal Law and Policy Institute webinars. 

      Website: http://www.tribal-institute.org/index.htm

      Local Reentry Resource Centers

      TROC (Tacoma Resource and Opportunity Center) 

      Info: Free programs for individuals placed on Community Supervision with the Department of Corrections to help provide programs and resources to increase skills and provide opportunities for them to succeed.

      Phone: (253) 680-2600

      Website: https://www.doc.wa.gov/corrections/community/justice-centers/docs/tacoma-brochure.pdf


      Pierce County District Court Resource Center

      Info: Provides access to a variety of social services and programs to justice involved individuals and those in need in one centralized location.

      Phone: (253) 798-7631\

      Email: PCDCRC@piercecountywa.gov

      Website: https://www.co.pierce.wa.us/5703/District-Court-Resource-Center


      Adonai Counseling & Employment’s HOPE Reentry counseling and employment services

      Info: A faith based program designed to reduce recidivism and be a part of the solution to men and women who struggle with gaining and maintaining freedom from destructive habits, emotional hurts, and spiritual recovery

      Phone: (253) 777-1434. 

      Website: https://adonaicounseling.wixsite.com/services/re-entry-services 


      New Connections (women’s only)

      Info: Provides two shelters for justice-involved women, reentry resource navigation, reentry 101, advocacy, community outreach, and policy initiatives

      Phone: (253) 617-1405

      Website: https://nctacoma.org


      Pioneer Human Services (PHS): Tacoma Residential Reentry Center

      Info: Houses both males and females who are in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, or under the supervision of the US Probation or the Pre-trial Services. The program is a 75-bed maximum facility.;

      Other Pierce County Houses:  Exley Apartments, Rialto Apartments, St. Helens Apartments, Lobdell Apartments (Auburn)

      Phone: (253) 274-0209

      Website: https://pioneerhumanservices.org/programs/list#0 (scroll to bottom)


      Tacoma Walking Guide

      Info: Resources that are within a walkable distance in downtown Tacoma and Hilltop

      Website: https://irmagary.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/walking-resource-guide.pdf