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Our Mission

Educate. Motivate. Liberate.


The mandate of Civil Survival is to change policy by educating a broader and more diverse voter base. By engaging individuals who are focused on changing one big personal issue, we create social and political change.

History proves that successful social-political movements happen when various groups come together to support a single issue. Civil Survival provides services and support to ordinary citizens and marginalized groups while educating and mobilizing voter turnout on overlapping interests fundamental to these groups.

It is a known fact that the United States has a repetitive pattern of low voter turnout. Civil Survival has identified some of the major barriers and provides solutions to overcome these obstacles to mobilize voter turnout.

Voter Registration

Registration is one of the biggest barriers in engaging and mobilizing voters. Civil Survival builds trust among its participants by empowering them through education. Once an individual realizes that they are a part of a giant voting bloc, they can take ownership of their issue and work to make needed changes in the system. In order to do so, they obviously need to register themselves and their friends and family members to vote.

Lack of Structured Education Around Voter Platforms

Lack of familiarity regarding issues and coherent messaging is a significant barrier to voter turnout. Simply put, many formerly incarcerated and other marginalized individuals do not participate because they are not engaged. Most voters and potential voters are unaware that they are a part of a huge potential voting bloc and they don’t realize the impact their bloc can have on a single issue. The key is to make it personal.

Civil Survival’s education and mobilizing curriculum is organized around single issues that affect the daily lives of a huge and specifically targeted population. We provide basic and comprehensive political education to empower these interest groups to participate in the electoral process.

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