[SKAGIT COUNTY, WA] — In partnership with Skagit Legal Aid, Civil Survival will be jointly hosting a Legal Financial Obligation (LFO) Mass Assistance Day on Wednesday, October 25th.

Community members with felony convictions in the Skagit County Superior Court are invited to participate in free legal drive-thru clinics that will take place throughout Skagit County at the end of September. Attorneys from both Skagit Legal Aid and Civil Survival will be available to review and sign court petitions.

These legal clinics will lead up to a special court hearing on October 25th. Attendance of the hearing is not required. The court will review cases regardless of whether an individual is present or not.

Both organizations aim to provide legal assistance to as many community members as capacity allows and ensure they receive the relief they qualify for under HB 1169.

Under the new state law, the previously mandatory Victim Penalty Assessment (VPA) and DNA fees can now be waived by the court. This legislative change allows for more people impacted by LFOs to receive financial relief, especially those who are struggling or unable to pay.

Individuals interested in learning more or participating can register at civilsurvival.org/skagit. Registration is required.


About Civil Survival:

Founded in 2015, Civil Survival organizes system-impacted people, provides legal representation, and advocates for policy reform to restore opportunity to communities harmed by the criminal legal system.

Our work promotes successful family and community reintegration for people who are being released from incarceration by removing the many financial, political, and legal barriers to reentry. Nearly one in four people in Washington State have been involved in the criminal legal system. Civil Survival is working to improve their chances of becoming productive members of their communities by removing some of the many collateral consequences of mass incarceration.

Learn more or sign-up for our mailing list at: www.civilsurvival.org