Meet Our Team

It’s the season of giving thanks and Civil Survival is very excited to spotlight our very own staff for the months of November & December! Not only would we like to show our gratitude for their dedication but also share with our communities the faces of those responsible for the life-changing work we do. Our work is not possible without our passionate team. They work hard every day to support our formerly incarcerated families & individuals and thanks to them, we are one step closer to a world free from mass incarceration.

For today’s #StaffSpotlight we’re highlighting Cory (he/him), our Community Organizer as well as a proud father of two and a registered member of the Oglala tribe of the Lakota Nation!

Cory’s passion to advocate for our impacted families + individuals derives from his own lived experiences as a formerly incarcerated individual as well as his struggles faced during reintegration.

Keep scrolling to learn more about Cory!

What drew you to working with CSP?

Volunteering and eventually working with Civil Survival allowed me to find my voice again. Through this work, I realized the power of my story.

What event or impactful change are you the most proud of during your time working with Civil Survival? Or, what part of Civil Survival Project’s work resonates the most with you?

I’m proud of the work we did for the LFO reconsideration days and my work as a leader on the WVRRC.

What’s something you’re looking forward to in the future of CSP?

Continuing to grow and help more people.

What’s something you’re grateful for within the last year?

Family, specifically my grandson.

Cory and Michelle Jenkins.