Meet Our Team

It’s the season of giving thanks and Civil Survival is very excited to spotlight our very own staff for the months of November & December! Not only would we like to show our gratitude for their dedication but also share with our communities the faces of those responsible for the life-changing work we do. Our work is not possible without our passionate team. They work hard every day to support our formerly incarcerated families & individuals and thanks to them, we are one step closer to a world free from mass incarceration.

Today we are highlighting Laura (they/them), who recently joined our legal team as an attorney and is a graduate of Seattle University School of Law.

What drew you to working with CSP?

I was drawn to working at CSP as I felt my values were well reflected in CSP’s mission and body of work. I felt CSP offered me the opportunity to bring forth my full self, perspectives, and principles in the legal work we do.

What event or impactful change are you the most proud of during your time working with Civil Survival? Or, what part of Civil Survival Project’s work resonates the most with you?

Civil Survival’s abolitionist mission and centering directly impacted voices and perspectives as a means of shifting laws and conversations really resonates with me. People directly impacted by systems know best what is not working and what needs to be changed.

What’s something you’re looking forward to in the future of CSP?

I’m looking forward to dispersing legal knowledge as a means of empowering others and demystifying the purposefully confusing and inaccessible legal system. I also look forward to the community connections CSP will continue to build over time.

What’s something you’re grateful for within the last year?

I am grateful for my family, my perseverance, and the ability to work alongside people dedicated to challenging and changing systems.