Meet Our Team

It’s the season of giving thanks and Civil Survival is very excited to spotlight our very own staff for the months of November & December! Not only would we like to show our gratitude for their dedication but also share with our communities the faces of those responsible for the life-changing work we do. Our work is not possible without our passionate team. They work hard every day to support our formerly incarcerated families & individuals and thanks to them, we are one step closer to a world free from mass incarceration.

It’s time for another #StaffSpotlight! Today we’re highlighting Maddisson (she/her), one of our newest staff attorneys and proud dog mom to Gordy & Peanut!

Maddisson’s passion to help others by mitigating the harms of the criminal legal system, drew her to join Civil Survival and continue to work to eliminate the barriers preventing impacted individuals from moving forward with their lives. Just as Maddisson is proud of doing this work, we are very proud to have her on our team!

Keep scrolling to learn more about Maddisson!

What drew you to working with CSP?

I am drawn to this work because I am passionate about mitigating the harms of the criminal legal system. At CSP I have an opportunity to chip away at barriers that are designed to prevent people from achieving meaningfully progress in their life.

What event or impactful change are you the most proud of during your time working with Civil Survival? Or, what part of Civil Survival Project’s work resonates the most with you?

I am proud of being able to help people vacate convictions. No one should be reduced to their criminal record and everyone should have an opportunity to move forward. The people I have gotten to work with are resilient, dynamic, reflective, and so much more than a criminal conviction could ever represent.

What’s something you’re looking forward to in the future of CSP?

As I am new to the team, I am looking forward to continuing to build community with those at CSP and those working alongside and served by CSP.

What’s something you’re grateful for within the last year?

I am grateful for my family. They replenish my batteries, inspire, nourish, and keep me grounded.

Maddisson, her sisters, and fiancé spending time together