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  1. Identification


Identification documents are documents that prove your identity and other important things about you. State-issued photo identification cards, Social Security cards, birth or marriage certificates, and educational credentials are all examples of identification documents. These documents are often necessary to secure housing, open a bank account, find a job, and obtain necessary health benefits. Your identification documents may have expired while you were incarcerated or been lost during the criminal justice process, or you may not have had them when you first entered the system.

U.S. Passport

This page is pulled from the Washington Appleseed Reentry Guide. The process of applying for a Passport is complicated and you will need to provide a lot of supporting documentation […]

Social Security Cards

The primary use of your Social Security Card is to tell you your Social Security number. Social Security numbers are issued by the federal government to every citizen, and every […]

Birth Certificate

A birth certificate can usually help you prove your age and citizenship (if you were born in the United States), and is very useful when you are trying to get […]

Washington State ID Cards

A Washington State ID card is a card issued by the Department of Licensing (DOL) that serves as proof of identity. A state ID card does not authorize you to […]

Driver’s License FAQ

General Resources Driving Record Request Form Restricted Driver License Application Washington State Drivers Guide Getting or Reinstating Your Driver’s License If you need to drive a car to get to […]

Driver’s Licenses Guide

Quoted sections are based on the Washington Appleseed Reentry Guide and updated where necessary. Getting your driver’s license “Six months prior to your release from a facility, you should be […]