Workshops and training to support and empower system impacted individuals.

Advocacy & Legal Information Workshops

Our full-day advocacy and legal information workshops provide training on how to participate in the legislative process and options for legal remedies to remove barriers to a successful reentry. We facilitate group discussions on the collateral consequences of a criminal conviction and the importance of getting involved in impacting system change. We provide an overview of options for legal remedies for LFO relief, criminal record vacates, and sex offender registry relief.

Reentry Legal Aid Project (RLAP) Training

Our Reentry Legal Aid Project has developed self-help materials and virtual legal information workshops on post-conviction relief options. We train attorneys and help impacted people learn what relief they are eligible for and how to navigate the process on their own. Information is provided on legal financial obligations (LFOs), record vacation, registry relief, and removing the unconstitutional possession charges (Blake).

Civil Survival Presents

Civil Survival Presents are special presentations where we invite speakers to present on work they are doing in the community to support impacted individuals or raise awareness on specific issues impacting our community. This is an opportunity to lift up the great work our community partners are doing, as well as provide a call to action to get people involved.

Advocacy Day

We host an annual System Impacted Advocacy Day event in partnership with impacted organizations around Washington State. During this event, we provide training on how to share your story with elected officials and how to use our collective voices to drive legislative change.